With the lockdown upon us yet again, we are caught up in our homes with nothing productive to do. While those who have their portable workstations can work and pass their time but for people who have temporarily stopped working, and are at home, cooking can turn out to be their saviour. In order to be a rising baker, you need to have mastery over your oven. And that is why we thought of talking about OTG ovens, how to use them, and others things about them that you should necessarily know before beginning your baking. So, read on and find out interesting things about OTG  ovens.

Choosing The Right Oven

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Getting an OTG oven is not a very tough task but it sure is tricky. A lot of different brands have put out their ovens in the market and choosing the right one for your needs is important. So, first, you need to understand the purpose you need the oven for. If it's for recreational baking/grilling/then you can get a small 16L oven, if you need it for regular baking/cooking you can go for a 30L TO 45L oven and if you are a professional you will need an oven with capacity more than 45L.

Then you must consider the knobs and functions, generally, OTG ovens have three knobs and a grilling tray, you can change the settings of the knobs according to your needs. Last but not the least, you need to consider the price ovens are expensive items and you should invest a lot of money only if you are serious about using it regularly.

Basic Guide For Beginners

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OTG ovens have gained a lot of popularity in recent times and the reason being that these ovens spread heat evenly reducing hot spots. The filaments in these ovens are present both at the top and at the bottom along with a fan. When the filaments heat up, the fan is the main reason that ensures uniform temperature and heat throughout the oven space.

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The Trays

OTG ovens come with three trays, one for baking cookies (chocolate cookie recipes)and for baking tins, the second is a wire rack used for grilling and the third one is a rotisserie rod used for grilling an entire chicken usually.

The Knobs

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As we said, OTG ovens come with three knobs mainly and the three knobs are temperature control knobs to control the temperature inside the oven.  The function control knob that helps you define the purpose of using the oven at that particular time, you can turn the knob to set whether you’re grilling(grilled chicken recipe), baking, or doing other types of cooking.

The third knob is the timer knob, this knob is generally very easy to operate you just have to set a value for the timer knob, the period for which you want your oven to heat. After the timer sets off your food is done ad you can take it out!

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Understand Your Oven

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While we may easily get recipes of our favourite food online but when we start to cook them, the dish may not be as good as we expect it to be. And one of the major reasons behind it is that the person who writes the recipe uses his or her mind to curate the right temperature and time values but your oven may differ from that and this is the reason why you need to understand your oven properly. You need to find out what values and what settings work for the kind of dishes you prepare and this takes a little bit of time but when you use your oven regularly, you get used to set things right. So, all the best with your OTG oven!

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