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How To Reduce AC Bill During Summer Season

If you wish to cut down on your air conditioner bill this summer season, follow these simple tips and tricks.
Published -12 Apr 2022, 11:35 ISTUpdated -12 Apr 2022, 11:52 IST
tips to reduce ac bill summer season

Warmer days are here and we can't imagine surviving the heat waves without our air conditioners. Agree? Especially in the Northwest of the country, we are witnessing quite a rise in the temperature and there is no clear prediction on when we are likely to see some respite from the heat waves. 

Even while inside our homes, it is difficult to cope with the heat which is why air conditioners are our only rescue. However, along with the hot summer temperatures, we also don't wish to suffer from an electricity bill that is too heavy on our pockets. So, what's the solution?

There are different ways you can beat the heat with an air conditioner while also saving money. Read on. 

Avoid Non-Stop Usage

You might feel like laying back in your bed all day long on a hot summer day as you enjoy your favourite movies in a cool, air-conditioned room. However, if you have your air conditioner on 24/7, it will only add up to the load on the entire electricity unit of your home and further increase your electricity bill. A simple trick is leaving the air conditioner on till the room has properly cooled and then turning it off. These breaks you give to your air conditioner will help you reduce your electricity bill.

Get Your Air Conditioner Regularly Serviced

ac service

Getting your AC serviced from time to time might seem like an additional expense to you but it will only help you cut down on your electricity bill. How? When your air conditioner will be serviced, all the dust and dirt accumulated in its blades and machinery will be cleared which will help it function better. Thus, the servicing will help you reduce your electricity bills. (how to clean split ac at home)

Set The AC Temperature Right

ways to reduce ac bill home summers

The temperatures keep fluctuating during the summer season and usually touch 40 degrees and above. To cope with the heat, we set our air conditioners to 18 degrees or 16 degrees which puts a lot of load on the electricity unit. Instead, opt for a temperature that properly cools your space without adding a lot of load on the AC. The ideal air conditioner temperature should be between 20 to 25 degrees celsius. This will prevent you from high energy bills. 

Make Sure Your Room Is Sealed

When you switch on your air conditioner, make sure that the room is properly sealed. The doors and windows should be sealed tight so that the cool air doesn't leave the room. Keep the space covered with curtains. It is best if the sunlight doesn't enter the room. This will help your air conditioner work better. 

Pick The Right Star Rated Air Conditioner

It is important to pay attention to the air conditioner's star rating. It will help you estimate the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. The lowest star rating is 1 and 5 is the highest star rating. A 5 star air conditioner will cool your room in the most efficient manner as compared to air conditioners with lower star ratings. If you want to save on your electricity bill, choose a 5 star air conditioner. 

Switch On The Fan Too

A lot of people prefer keeping their spaces cool with just the air conditioner and don't switch on the fans. However, if you use both your fan and air conditioner, your room will cool quickly as the fan will help drive away all the hot air from the space. Also, this will help in reducing your total energy consumption. Make sure that the fan is on at moderate speed. Keeping the fan at high speed will delay the cooling process and add to your electricity bill too.

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Use A Timer All The Time

air conditioner timer

All the air conditioners come with a timer option and it can be set as per our requirement. For instance, if it takes an hour for the air conditioner to completely cool your room, set the timer for 1 hour. After 1 hour the air conditioner will automatically turn off. This will help in preventing electricity wastage when you forget to turn off your air conditioner or while you are sleeping. 

Open The Windows On Cooler Nights

If you feel that the temperature has dropped or there is a cool breeze outside, switch off the air conditioner for some time and open the windows. Opening the windows will help you naturally cool down the space and help you reduce your electricity bill. 

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Turn Off The Power When You Aren't Using The AC

Do you switch off your air conditioner when you step out of your room? Every time you go out and don't require your air conditioner, switch it off from the compressor, not just with the remote. This will help reduce the load on the electricity unit and reduce the bill.

We hope this guide helps you cut down on your air conditioner electricity bill this summer and make you enjoy the most of the season. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned! 


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