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    Effective Tips To Raise Your Kids As Feminists

    Raise your children as feminists with these effective ways.
    Published -03 Nov 2021, 17:54 ISTUpdated -03 Nov 2021, 18:09 IST
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    Feminism today is both a necessity and a path to a prosperous future. Feminism is the concept that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, which is unfortunately not practiced in many places.

    With growing up, the boys are conditioned to believe that they are superior than other genders, while girls are taught to believe the opposite for themselves. In many cases, these patriarchal beliefs are not taught, but society influences them to believe them. The patriarchy decides which gender will get to speak where, who will be the boss, etc. To avoid this, we can teach our kids not to believe in these normalized societal practices and to grow up to be feminists instead. Here are some tips that will help you raise smarter and feminist kids.

    1. Don't Follow The Stereotypes

    Even before a child is born, society determines their preferences, such as pink for girls and blue for boys. Your children, on the other hand, do not need to believe in it. Let your children pick their favourite colours, their dressing style, their favourite cartoons and games, etc on their own. 

    2. Ask Fathers To Contribute Equally

    father and baby

    Let your husband contribute equally in raising your children as you. When fathers participate equally in raising the child, the child will learn better. Except breastfeeding, all the activities should be shared between the parents without any gender roles. 

    3. Say No To Gender Roles

    Explain to your children that gender roles are silly and that they are not required to believe in them. They are free to do whatever they want without having to think about it. It's natural for your children to believe in gender norms in a patriarchal society like ours, but only you can change that. Have a dialogue with your children about these issues and make sure they understand the important points, such as they don't need to believe in what the society wants them to believe.

    4. Show Good Examples

    working moms

    As children learn the most from their parents, it is important that you set the right examples for them. Don't be afraid to confront stereotypes and always stand up for your rights. Allow them to see their mothers working in offices and their fathers preparing meals. Children should be taught that no jobs are entirely "reserved" for one gender.

    5. Promote Gender-Neutral Activities

    gender neutral

    Completely avoid any gender-specific roles at home if you truly want to raise a child who is more open and welcoming. Allow boys to play with dolls and girls to behave in ways that are not gender specific or let them play sports. Encourage them to put stereotypes aside. Doing so at a young age will help to make better decisions. Encourage both boys and girls to play together and allow them to interact freely.

    6. Teach Consent

    teach consent

    It's just as important to teach children about good touch, bad touch, and their right to control their own bodies as it is to teach them language skills. Teach your child that he or she has complete control over their bodies and that no one has the authority to tell them otherwise.

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    7. Compliment Your Children The Right Way, Especially Daughters

    Instead of only complimenting them on their physical appearance, compliment them on their intelligence, abilities, and nature. This will make her feel confident and equal to her peers. This will also teach her that beauty isn't just about looks, but also intelligence and abilities.

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    8. Teach Them The Need Of Feminism

    Don't forget to teach kids about privileges as well as the value and necessity of feminism.

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