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How To Make A DIY Planter Using Old Earthen Pots

Planters brighten up your room in ways that you fail to realise. Let's check out how you can make a DIY Planter for your room easily.
Published -12 Oct 2020, 11:17 ISTUpdated -12 Oct 2020, 11:50 IST
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Planters are so in the trends these days. They add to the space the missing elements and make it feel complete. Not only that, they look great in boho, modern, contemporary or even rustic setups.

So, you can call them the solution to the empty spaces that scream dull to you.  From your bedroom to the study room to the living room. Planters can potentially help with various other things as well.

Why You Should Have A Plant In Your Room?


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A plant in your room can be very helpful, not only for enhancing the look of the room but also for increasing your productivity, uplifting your mood, alleviating anxiety, enhancing your creativity, and naturally filtering the air in your room.

Yes, you read it right. Plants will only consume some water and manure and sunlight, of course. Plus, plants are a cost-effective and affordable solution for our decor problems. You can go ahead and add as many plants as possible.

Let's check out how to make a DIY planter.

What You Need To Make  A DIY Planter

diy planters

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

To make a DIY planter, all you need is an old earthen pot with a wide opening. This also can be a biryani utensil that you get on ordering a biryani online. Then you will be needing an unused cloth, could be an old t-shirt. A fevicol bottle, Plaster of Paris, a thick brush, paints, mud, and a small plant.

Dip And Paste

First, take the earthen pot and cover it with fevicol adhesive glue making sure that no portion of the pot is left. Then mix the Plaster of Paris with water and make a pourable paste.  Dip the t-shirt inside the paste and then take it out. Paste the cloth over the outer surface of the pot making crumples and patterns with it.  Now just let it dry for 24 hours.

After 24 Hours Of Wait

After, a complete day of drying, the pot could still be a little wet on the inside. So, if you're not in a hurry, then let it dry for some more time.  Once it totally dries out, you will notice the cloth crumples have become solid and make the pot look aesthetically appealing. 

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Paint The Pot

earthen pots

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Now, coming on to the last part, we start painting. Using a sponge pad brush, paint the whole pot with white. Then highlight the crumples with golden colour using a small brush and your planter is almost complete.

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How To Place The Plant Inside The Pot

planters plants

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

What is a plater without a plant? Just a simple aesthetic piece. Well, we mean to say that let's all understand how to put the plant inside the pot.  Place some organic mud in the earthen vessel and in the center, dig a small hole. Place the roots of a plant in the center and cover it with mud. Water it and finally, round up the process by adding in some manure. And, your DIY Planter is ready to amp up your space. Even if you're placing the plant inside, you will be needed to show it sunlight occasionally so that the plant lives on and keeps your happy at home.

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