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How To Get Maximum Flowers In Mogra Plant?

You can grow a lot of blossoms on your mogra plant by using some gardening tips.
Published -20 May 2022, 16:27 ISTUpdated -22 May 2022, 08:30 IST
More Flowers In Your Mogra Plant

Jasmine flowers or Mogras are a very attractive and sweetly fragrant flower that blooms throughout the summer and the rainy season. By simply planting one mogra plant in the house, the entire house can smell fragrant and aromatic. If you love the fragrance of mogras, you probably have one mogra plant at home as well.

However, not every mogra plant can produce a large number of mogra flowers. The leaves of some mogra plants also dry up or turn yellow. All of this can happen due to various reasons.

If you don't want your mogra plant to face these issues and if you want it to produce the maximum mogra flowers, then you have to keep some tips in mind:

1. Keep Mogra Under Sunshine

Good amount of sunlight will help your plant produce a good amount of flowers. In 1-2 hours of sunlight, the mogra plant will not produce as many flowers. To get more mogras, keep them under good exposure to sunlight for about 5 to 6 hours. Without 5-6 hours of sunlight in a day, it will only produce 1-2 buds. When the mogra get enough sunlight, you'll see the difference in your plant yourself.

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2. Never Put Mogra In Plastic Pot

It is important to plant your mogra in a proper pot, which should not be plastic.

As we all know, keeping the mogra plant in the sun is essential. So when the plant is kept in a plastic pot and the plant is exposed to 5-6 hours of sunlight,  heat is generated by the plastic. This way, the plant receives more heat than it requires, and the roots are harmed, resulting in dry plants.

That is why you should use earthen pots or cement pots to grow your plant.

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3. A Lot Of Nutrients

Mogra consumes a lot of nutrients and is a heavy feeder. So when you plant it, mix 50% cow dung for vermicompost with the soil. Once a month, you must add manure to your pot. Also, use 50 percent cow dung, 15 percent sand, 10 percent cocopeat, and the remainder garden soil while preparing the soil for planting. Because of this, your mogra will never get less feeding.

4. Sorting Mogra Is Very Important


When the mogra bud blooms and the flower falls out, its pod remains. We have to prune the part of the mogra plant branch, from the two leaves and pod. However, make sure to not cut too much. Cut only from the place from where the bunch of flowers came and now those flowers have blossomed and fallen. By doing this new branches will bloom soon and flowers will come very well. 

5. Must Add Epsom Salt

Use of Epsom Salt is good for mogra plants. Put 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt with 2 litres of water and pour it into the plant's soil. It will be excellent if you spray with a spray bottle. Just  simply spray it on and wait for it to work its magic. You'll be amazed to find a lot of mogra flowers blooming in your plant after 15 days.

6. Protect Your Plant From Drying Up

You must take great care not to let the soil dry out if you want to save your mogra plant. As your plant is exposed to the light all day, it is essential that you water it regularly. However, you also must ensure that you are not over watering the plant.

These tips will help you in maintaining a healthy mogra plant and will get you maximum mogra flowers.

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