Cleanliness and hygiene have become extremely important these days. With us constantly washing our hands and sanitising our homes, something that just does not seem to leave our house alone are fruit flies!

No matter how hard we try or how clean we keep our house, these flies literally emerge out of thin air! Hovering around our fresh fruits and vegetables these flies are nothing short of a terror! If you have tried and tested absolutely every way but still haven’t been able to get rid of these fruit flies, we have for you, simple hacks in which you will definitely get rid of fruit flies!

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Make The Red Wine Trap

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If you have some leftover red wine(read about the beauty benefits of red wine), put it in a transparent bowl. To this add 1 tsp of dishwashing liquid. Mix both of them very well so they completely combine. Cover the bowl up with cellophane paper. Use a toothpick to make holes in the cover big enough for the fruit flies to fit in. Make sure the plastic is tightly covering the bowl. This way the scent of the red wine will get space to escape and woo the flies. Put this bowl in the kitchen, near the fruits or the fridge. They will get attracted to the wine smell, get in the bowl and try to sit on the wine, which is when the dishwasher will do its magic and kill them! 

The Fruit Trap 

Take another similar transparent bowl and add ripened bananas and other over-ripened fruits in it. Mash them up a little. Cover it with cellophane paper just like you did in the previous one. Make holes in the sheet and wait for the fruit flies to come. The smell of fruits will attract the flies inside the bowl. As they feast on the fruits, they will soon suffocate because they won’t find a way out. They will stick to the ripened fruits and die.  

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Vinegar And Dishwasher Trap

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Take a glass jar and fill it with apple cider vinegar(read about the other benefits of apple cider vinegar) up to half its level. To this, add a few drops of dishwashing soap and mix well. You can either cover it up with a plastic sheet and poke holes in it or leave it open. Either way, the fruit flies will get attracted to the smell of vinegar and try to land on its surface. Something that they ideally could have done, becomes impossible because of the presence of dishwashing liquid that breaks the surface tension of vinegar. Due to this, the fruit flies fall right into the liquid and drown!

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Try Chemical-Free Spray

At times when these home remedies do not work (chances are close to none), you can invest in a good herbal spray. We recommend you use the herbal spray because you often find fruit flies in the kitchen area. This is a place where you do not want to spray strong chemicals. Fruit flies do not need excessive chemicals to die, they are pretty easy to kill so light and chemical-free spray will be just fine!

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