There is nothing in this whole wide world that can plummet our mood as much as a stubborn stain. Wearing a white dress and a drop of wine falls on it? Well, it may be a drop of wine for others, but we know ladies, that dress is ruined! Equivalent to this pain is the pain of having to remove the stain of ballpoint pens from clothes, oh what a struggle! What if we tell you that there are simple hacks to fight these stains? Trust us with these stain removal hacks and your life will get so much better!

Wine Stains

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Ever spilled red wine over your fabric? Especially whites ones? If not, congratulations because you have saved yourself from a major heartbreak! The stain that red wine leaves behind just refuses to leave the fabric(read about period stain removal as well). Well, not anymore because we have a hack that will definitely work its magic. This is a two-fold procedure where you first need to pour some club soda over your wine stain and let it absorb. Blot the stain so it does not spread anymore. After this, put the fabric in your machine and wash it. A lot of times your wine stain might disappear after this step itself, however, if it doesn’t then sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the stain and completely cover it up. After that pour extremely hot water over it and let it sit for a few minutes before putting it back in the machine for a wash. This time your stain would have definitely disappeared!

Ball-Point Pen Ink

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It looks absolutely disgusting to have ballpoint ink blots on our shirts or any formal clothing. However, most of the time this stain does not go by a normal wash. What you can do instead is pour some vinegar on the ink stain and let it sink in properly. After this add some salt on the stain just like we did in the previous stain. Cover the entire stain with salt and then take some Colgate toothpaste and rub it over this. Rub it for 2-3 minutes and then soak it for some time in hot water. After letting it soak for around half an hour, take the cloth out, and voila! The stain has disappeared! 

Oil Stains

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Ever had to experience oil stains? It looks absolutely gross! We will save you the embarrassment and share with you a life-saving tip to remove oil stains! Right when you get oil on your cloth, remove the excess oil with the help of tissue paper(read about sweat stain removal). After that sprinkle some baking soda on the stain and rub it well. Make sure every bit of the stain is well covered with the soda. Leave it overnight brush the baking soda. You would notice the stain has already lightened a lot. Then make a solution with equal parts of water and vinegar and spray the solution over this stain. Clean with detergent and rise. You will notice the stain has disappeared! 

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Coffee Stain 

Enjoying a nice evening with some black coffee but you happen to spill some on your cloth or on the mattress? This one is a quick and easy solution. Just blot up the excess coffee with tissue paper and then soak the fabric in a bucket of warm water. Add 1 tsp dishwashing detergent to it and 1 tsp of vinegar. Let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse. Take the cloth out and the stain would have gone!

Carpet Food Stain 

While we keep carpets in order to prevent the house from getting dirty, a dirty carpet is what we end up having. Mostly covered with food stains, it seems extremely difficult to clean a carpet considering its weight. What you can do is take a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Mix this in a pan of warm water(approximately 2 cups). Soak a cloth in this liquid and blot the stain on the carpet. You can also go for another method where you just pour vinegar on the stain and then sprinkle baking soda. Depending on the stain, either of these will do the magic!

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These were a few tips and tricks to help you clean those dirty stains. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!