Diwali is arriving in less than 20 days and this time things definitely are going to be different. We have to depend on ourselves rather than other outside sources and celebrate Diwali, keeping in mind all the health guidelines. So, to ensure that this Diwali does not lack in the fun, let’s make it more creative than it already is. Let us fill our lives with colours of joy and lights of laughter.

Let’s all make Diwali a super-duper hit. But what do we need to start? Well, the answer is the most beautiful puja ki thali. We always start the best of celebrations by worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. So, to be ready for this year's Diwali Puja lets make a very beautiful and attractive Puja ki thali using the stuff that we already have at home.

Collect All The Stuff

It is extremely necessary to have an eye on the minute details of this project. So, for making the perfect puja ki thali you will be needing, A deep thali, two small bowls, one small glass with a spoon, an incense holder, a handbell or ghanti, an empty matchbox, and lastly a small steel mutka. Apart from this, you will need glue, beads, gotas, ribbons, and half pearls. Now clean all the utensils and dry them out properly, once that’s done, you are ready to begin the decoration.

Starting With The Thali

thali puja

Of course, we start with the thali first, after the thali dries out. Brush a layer of glue on the front portion. Then before the glue dries out, start making mandala pattern with the beads. Use beads of different colours and shapes to make it look more attractive and once you reach the circumference of the thali, start sticking ribbon or gota over it. Make sure that the thali is not visible from anywhere. Leave out the lower portion as it could spoil your hard work as that portion comes in contact with the ground more. 

Decorating the Small Steel Mutka


Now is the turn to decorate the small steel mutka which is commonly called, lota. This is used for offering water to the deities or cleaning their feet.  Again, repeat the same process, apply glue all over the outer portion of the mutka, then start decorating from the rim to the bottom, using different different beads. Make sure you use the same beads as the ones you used for the thali to maintain harmony in all the pieces of the thali.

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The Matchbox And Other Pieces

Now decorate the rest of the element of the thali, by brushing over glue, and covering them with beads. Do not cover the inside portion of the small bowls or the glass with beads or any other decorative material as we don’t want to ruin our decoration or spoil the content of the bowls etc. After that, take the outer portion of the matchbox, leaving out the sides, decorate the front and back and refill the matchsticks in the same box over and over. 

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Final Assembly


Now that all the pieces of the Thali have been decorated, start aligning them. First place the mutka, then the small glass and bowls, then the incense holder, and lastly, the handbell. Do the finishing of the thali by making sure all the decorations are in place and then your Puja ki thali is ready! Try this amazing DIY at home and fill your Diwali with creativity.

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