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How To Clean Chandelier At Home

Cleaning your chandelier might look difficult and risky but it isn't really. With some quick cleaning tips, you can clean it well at home.
Published -22 Jun 2021, 14:46 ISTUpdated -14 Jul 2021, 10:46 IST
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Just one chandelier in your living room can completely transform the entire look of your house and that's because they are available in so many beautiful designs. So, buying a chandelier isn't really a task but cleaning it is. 

Maintaining a chandelier isn't as easy as you think. Just like other accessories at your home, this too deserves attention. Not cleaning it from time to time can make it lose all its shine. After all, dust easily gets accumulated on the chandelier, especially if the design is intricate.

Ideally, you can clean a chandelier once a month. We know it isn't so easy so here we thought of bringing you a quick guide on how you can clean a chandelier. Read on.

How To Clean A Chandelier?

Step 1

Spread an old sheet or blanket on the floor under the chandelier. This is important to catch any dust or dirt that falls off while cleaning the chandelier. Cover any other things that are under the chandelier to prevent them from getting dirty.

Step 2

Switch off the chandelier. It is important for your safety. You can stick a tape on the light switch so that no one accidentally turns the switch on while you are cleaning it. You can switch on other lights in the room so that it's easier for you to clean the chandelier. 

Step 3

cleaning chandelier at home on your own

Wear a pair of gloves and start to clean the chandelier with a dry cloth. Take a piece of cloth and start wiping down the chandelier. If it is a crystal chandelier, make sure you do it gently. 

Also, wipe the frame and light bulbs properly. 

Step 4

Take a cleansing liquid or prepare one at home using a mix of water, vinegar, and lemon juice. In a bowl, add 3 cups of water, one cup vinegar, and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Mix well and transfer to a spray bottle. However, make sure you check for the metal of the chandelier first to ensure that the cleansing doesn't ruin it. 

how to clean chandelier ()

On a clean cloth, spritz this liquid and then start wiping the frame and crystals or glass. Never directly spray the cleaning liquid on the chandelier directly. 

Step 5

Using a clean dry cloth, start wiping the chandelier again. This will prevent any white spots on the metal or glass. 

Your chandelier is now clean and sparkling. Switch on the chandelier and you will see the difference!

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Other Tips To Keep In Mind While Cleaning Chandelier

chandelier tips cleaning

If your chandelier is too big to be cleaned every month then just try dusting it every 1-2 months. This will still make it look cleaner. 

Never rotate the chandelier while cleaning it as it can loosen up the fixture and can make it fall too. Move your ladder as your clean the chandelier. 

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If the chandelier pieces are detachable, remove one by one and then clean one piece at a time. Make sure that you take pictures or make notes of which pieces were detached from were to ensure that you put back everything exactly where it was. 

After using a liquid to clean the chandelier, always wipe it off with a dry cloth to prevent spotting on the chandelier. 

Make a chandelier cleaning routine. If you don't have enough time, you can also clean it with a dry cloth every month and do a thorough cleaning every 6 months.

We hope this guide helps you clean the chandelier at your home properly. For more such cleaning tips, stay tuned! 


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