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    How To Invite Your Bridesmaids In A Personalized Way

    Finding a way to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids? We got you!
    Published -10 Oct 2021, 12:00 ISTUpdated -10 Oct 2021, 01:53 IST
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    Weddings are a season to celebrate personal relationships with the ones you love the most. Making time for your parents, friends, siblings may seem tough but it’s really important. Relationships after marriage tend to take a shift and you need to develop a new relationship with one you’ve promised to live a long, happy life with.  Having a wedding of your own is very exciting but maybe stressful for your bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are the people who help you keep your morale and excitement at the top level. They help you with a lot of shopping sprees before and after your wedding. Let your girls know how special they are to you. 


    Thinking about how to invite your bridesmaids to your wedding? Here are some ways you may want to approach your girls in a different, creative way!

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    Say It With A T-Shirt 

    Get customized T-shirts made for all your bridesmaids and send them by post maybe? Design t-shirts your way! You can put a group photo in the centre and a statement asking if they would like to be a part of your bridesmaids gang. 

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    Customized Gift Boxes

    Customized gift boxes are the way to go if you want to go overboard with your invitation. Your box can include cookies, customized glasses, bracelets, a small invite, a mug, engraved necklace, corsage, bookmarks, scrunchies and so on in your personal wedding colour scheme. Throw some confetti and add their names on the top of the box for the special effect. You can always add a bouquet with different flowers for all or according your wedding colour scheme. (Having a hard time with picking a theme?

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    A Dinner Date

    Take all your girls to a dinner date and invite them altogether for the wedding as bridesmaids. You can always go for places like fine dining, picnic, road trip, or even your favourite pub. Make it personal and fun. Do things you have loved to do as a group. For a dinner date with the girls, a theme dinner may also do. You can try doing taco night or sushi night.  

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    Pajama Party

    Sleepovers are bible to girls. Have a classic teen sleepover with nailpaints, matching pajama sets, crowns, sleeping bags, chips and dips. You can also add drinks this time round. Adding a presentation could be a good idea too. You can include all your photos from the past. A playlist dedicated to the friendship you and your girls have shared for all this time. Do not forget to take disposable cameras or videos to keep the memories (Here are some poses you can try!).  

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    A puzzle is a new way. Puzzles may seem a little childish but what’s better than being a kid for 15-20 minutes? You can send through a puzzle to your girl gang and leave them curious enough to resolve. As soon as they receive the package, they will end up solving the puzzle and be overwhelmed, maybe? Puzzles seem like a new way, why not try it? 

    Planning to invite your bridesmaids may seem overwhelming, but those hours you spend with them is going to be totally worth it. Make sure you plan a good one so that you have a good amount of memories to cherish for the rest of your life. 

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