The quarantine period due to the pandemic Coronavirus has brought in major changes in everyone's lives. Thw world's economy has dropped, the rate of growth has taken a hit, lives have changed so much. So how can we forget the weddings which were scheduled in the month of April? I got in touch with Nitin Arora, Director at Katalyst, and Dimple Anaund, a luxury Wedding and Event Planner, who told me more about how the wedding industry has been affected, what are the future plans and what do they expect would the situation be like post the lockdown. Will we still have destination weddings? Will we still have as many baratis and wedding guests? Here is what they had to say. 

Mr. Nitin Arora, Director at Katalyst, shared with me that "A wedding is the event of a lifetime, the couples and families plan in advance and they relish these moments lifelong. Around 1.3 billion population of multiple faiths, languages, and communities, from different religions with varying wedding traditions, sartorial styles, climates, and cuisines, there stands a reason that India’s wedding industry is linked with outfits, rituals, venue, catering, videographers, photographers, jewelry and many such factors. About 45-50% of weddings have been rescheduled to after June

In these 21 days of a lockdown, the wedding industry is much affected. Due to COVID-19 chaos. Most of the families are just postponing the dates as they are unaware of the government’s decision on the number of guests at a function. Couples all over the world who have planned their dream wedding have put it on standstill to avoid any chaos and disturbance.

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Nitin Arora says that ”April was looking out to be the most successful wedding month all over the world like Europe, Thailand, India, etc. The venues, decorations, hotels all have gone to drain. And a total of three thousand crores loss have been estimated”

“However, after the lockdown people will be full of life and will be more enthusiastic to attend the celebration and the industry will bounce back with a boom.”


Many changes will happen in the wedding domain due to this long lock-down. The wedding planners are unsure, whether any family would opt for any international destination wedding, considering the outbreak. In the time of uncertainty, one does not think of a celebration which is a luxury, for families who can’t wait, are opting for simpler ceremonies and might have a bigger celebration for their anniversaries.

The whole event and wedding industry, in the blink of an eye, was shut down. Even the rental event spaces, the caters, the draping, the florists, the people who provide the foodservice industry. Many industries which are collaborated with the wedding industry are going through a rough phase. And hopefully as big family industry it will bounce back once the lockdown is over.

After the long period of lockdown, the wedding will be a good reason to reconnect with friends and relatives, and happiness and excitement will be over the top. The occasion will be beautiful, will reconnect the lovers and people with dance their hearts out.

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Many Bollywood actors and actresses who have been coming forward to be a part of these weddings and will be more excited to celebrate and will be an amazing bounce back for the Bollywood industry and event management industry.

The wedding planners are taking extra efforts to be in contact with the clients and plan accordingly with time for the dream wedding. These weddings will be a source of refreshment and entertainment for the public after the lock-down.

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As per the saying the longer you wait the result is more joyful and fruitful. This lockdown will bring out more excitement and joy among the people all over the world. Weddings will be a celebration to family and relatives and especially for the bride and groom.

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Dimple Anaund, a luxury Wedding and Event Planner added in that "the secret ingredients of a glowing wedding are trust, respect, and most importantly understanding. And Ohh! How can we forget to find the right person in an alluring way? You know you are right when you just want to spend most of your time with that special person and want to take this step to eternity. But the outbreak of Pandemic Covid-19 has caused chaos all over the world. While the world is struggling mentally and financially, the outbreak has also increased emotional tension among families who were planning to celebrate the next milestone of their near and dear ones in the coming quarter.


Wedding cancellations or postponements are just another way that the coronavirus outbreak is shaping Indian life. Weddings have become a logistical casualty of the disease. From shopping to bookings to invitations, cancellations or postponed can result in a huge financial debt for the families. Already a time of worriment, wedding planning has only become more intense thanks to a frightening virus that spreads quickly and forces people to stay in their homes.

“To those families, I would like to say that there is nothing to panic about, the celebration is still happening, all the dance moves one had planned that is still happening just a little bit later. We have to change perspective here, consider this as an additional time to plan, research, digitally meet vendors, and work on the details," added Dimple Anaund.

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"Trust me an event that comes out perfectly has a lot in the detailing of it. Mood Boards play a very important role here, the easiest way to start planning is by curating various elements on a board to understand the look and feel of it. Mix and match, play with the mood board as much as you want, and then start working on the detailing of it. Detailing will take a lot of hard work and time so seek help digitally.

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"Just remember one thing an event is not just a celebration but it should speak your personality and style. If you love nature or a starry night then starting from your invitation, decor, catering setup, giveaways every element should adhere to one theme. Prepare yourself in this time for the big day that is just around the corner," she added.