This Is How You Can Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

Is your doggo's birthday round the corner and you don't know how to throw them a party? Here are some ideas!

Riddhi Kaushik
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We have all gone to numerous birthday parties and hosted quite a few as well. Every time someone’s birthday in our family is approaching we start making extensive plans to make sure that their birthday is celebrated in the best way possible!

However, what have you been doing for celebrating the birthday of your dog? Do you have anything in mind for this cute furball who places you on a pedestal at all times, who sits at the door and sobs when you are not at home and is always up for a quick cuddle session? You have made no plans, have you?

If you are feeling guilty now for not having any plans for your dog’s birthday, do not worry hooman! We have got you a list of plans for your doggo’s birthday pawty!

A Spa For Your Pupper!

If your dog is an elitist who loves to get pampered, this is their perfect birthday treat! Even though dogs are considered to be playful animals, some of them are too lazy to get up and fetch. For them, a day of relaxation and pampering is ideal. Groom them well at the spa and get them their favourite treat! This gesture will be enough to make them feel that it is a special day!

If you are planning to throw them a party, taking them to a spa prior to it would be a great idea. After all, the birthday pooch should be looking nothing less than dapper!

Throw Them A Birthday Party

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Believe it or not, no matter how much your dog loves you, even they wish to meet new beings, preferably dogs! You think only you enjoy talking to other dog owners about the menace your dog creates? Your dog would appreciate a good gossip session too! Invite all the neighbourhood doggies at home, dress your dog up so he/she looks like the host and let the party begin! You can have a meat cake, dog ice cream and even games for the dogs! Make sure to have loads of treats handy.

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A Movie Night

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You can invite two-three dogs that your dog loves. Make tiny beds on the floor with comfortable pillows and blankets, have individual bowls of treats near each bed and play a fun dog movie! The dogs will be left absolutely paw-struck when they see other dogs moving inside the screen. The love with which the dogs will watch the movie will make you want the theatres to permit dog entries!

Take Them To A Dog Cafe

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No matter how hard you try to host a memorable birthday party for your doggo, the fact is that they’d rather be playing outside(read more about dogs). If there is no lockdown in your city and a dog cafe around, nothing like it! Take your four-legged friend to a dog cafe and celebrate their birthday there. A lot of dog cafes take reservations for birthday parties too where they decorate the place and get all the in-house dogs ready to party!

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A Day Of favourites

The above-mentioned ideas are what we think your dog is most likely to enjoy. However, this particular idea is a sure shot paw-some way of celebrating their birthday! Make a list of everything your dog likes and do those things the full day! Take them for a walk wherever they want, whenever they want. Play with them in the middle of the park for hours together, let them have as much dog ice cream as they wish to and give them unlimited cuddles! If there is a particular slipper of yours that your pupper loves to chew on, go ahead and give it to them! Let them have everything they like on their special day!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and are going to give your doggo the best birthday party this year! If you wish to read more such articles, stay tuned to Her Zindagi!