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    Beyond Barriers: Australian Man Flies To MP To Marry The Love Of His Life

    Australian man gets married to repair mechanic’s daughter in Madhya Pradesh.
    Updated at - 2022-12-23,11:01 IST
    australian man mp woman marriage

    Love stories that know no barriers are our favourite. Time and again, heartwarming tales of couples have come forth that made us believe in love again. Another cross-border love story is now going viral on the internet and has left the netizens hearty eyed. 

    Australian Man Flies To Madhya Pradesh To Marry His Love

    A young man, Ash Honschild from Australia travelled 10,000 kilometres to marry his partner in India recently. Honschild got married to Tabassum Hussain, a resident of Manawar, Madhya Pradesh on December 18 according to Hindu rituals. Reportedly, the locals in MP were quite excited to see the wedding because of the foreign groom. 

    Ash And Tabassum's Love Story

    love story ash tabassum

    Tabassum's partner, Ash Honschild is a resident of Brisbane Australia and their love story began when the former moved to the country to pursue her studies. Tabassum Hussain's father, Sadiq Hussain owns a bicycle repair shop at the bus stop. In 2016, the MP government awarded Tabassum a ₹45 lLakh grant for higher education. In the year 2017, Tabassum moved to Brisbane, Australia for her studies. That's when Tabassum and Ash met, the two studied in the same college. Back then Ash was Hussain's senior. Later she got employed in an organisation as a senior manager. 

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    Ash Honschild's Visit To India

    ash tabassum wedding

    Tabassu has a big family; her parents, three sisters and two brothers. Tabassum's brother, Rehan Hussain during an interaction with a news channel shared that his sister and Ash legally got married while they were in Australia. The couple had a court wedding on August 2, 2022. Post their wedding abroad, Ash visited India to meet Tabassum's family. Hussain in an interview shared that her mother first had an impression that she wouldn't ever get married. However, as soon as she got to know about Ash, she was ecstatic. During his visit, Ash was quite impressed by Indian culture, food and the hospitality. In an interview, talking about what he liked about the country, he said, “I liked Poha, jalebi and daal bafla. Indian food has a good taste. I would love to try other dishes.”

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    After their visit to India, the couple decided to have a traditional wedding. Ash's mother, Jennifer Parry too visited India and they travelled to Manawar, Dhar in Madhya Pradesh. The marriage recently took place in Madhya Pradesh and was attended by several locals from the town.


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