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5 Times 'Anupamaa' Challenged Stereotypes While Winning At The TRP Game

Rupali Ganguly-starrer ‘Anupamaa’ remains at the top of the TRP list as  it is a hit among homemakers, college-goers as well as working women. 
  • Namrata Ganguly
  • Editorial
Published -19 Jul 2022, 14:30 ISTUpdated -19 Jul 2022, 17:54 IST

In the day and age of seemingly dimwitted bahus washing laptops with soap and women waiting to be saved by men in shining armour, the Hindi series Anupamaa, with Rupali Ganguly in the lead, has a refreshing take on things. From college-goers to housewives and even our grandmothers, the show has made an impact on men and women of all ages alike. Anupamaa has been breaking stereotypes from the get go. 

While it sails against the wave of cliched Hindi daily soap content, Anupamaa has not only held its place among the top five on the TRP list since its premiere, the show also consistently keeps trending on Twitter.

Here are five stereotypes Anupamaa has broken since its premiere in July 2020 on Star Plus. 


Anupamaa is not your regular ‘bechaari bahu’

The character ‘Anupamaa’ played by Ganguly, is a Gujarati housewife. She speaks Hindi with a very Gujarati accent and is not so well versed in English creating language barriers. She is a housewife who is disrespected by her husband. Even her mother-in-law blames her for everything going wrong. But Anupamaa is not a victim. She knows how to fight back. She is courageous, and does not forgive easily.

Rejects her cheating husband

Credit: Rupali Ganguly Instagram

When Anupamaa’s husband cheated on her, Anupamaa did not accept him back into her life. Instead she got a divorce and moved on in life to become independent and make her own identity. The show appeals to young girls for its relatability and to housewives as it is encouraging for them to break stereotypes as well. Instead of feeling sorry for herself and waiting for her husband, Anupamaa opened her dance academy and a cafe. Anupamaa loved dancing but was always discouraged by her in-laws.

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Remarried in her 40s

In her journey toward becoming self-reliant, Anupamaa comes across her college batchmate Anuj who had been in love for a long time. When they met at their college reunion after 26 years, a hesitant Anupamaa becomes friends with Anuj.Later on, they become business partners and, gradually, Anupamaa falls in love with Anuj. She goes on to marry Anuj while in her 40s going against the norms of society.

Credit: Rupali Ganguly Instagram

Broke the typical saas-bahu relation 

Amongst many complicated relations that the show portrays, there is a path breaking portrayal of a saas-bahu relation between Anupamaa and her daughter-in-law Kinjal (played by Nidhi Shah). While Anupamaa’s son Toshu chooses to live in his in-law’s penthouse, Kinjal chooses to be with Anupamaa. Kinjal learns from Anupamaa, idolises her and stands by her when even her own son goes against her. Anupamaa also fought with her son to defend Kinjal. 

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Not your typical ‘vamp’

Another stereotype that the show challenges is that of representing the character of sautan. Kavya, the woman with whom Anupamaa’s husband Vanraj cheats on her, is played by Madalsa Sharma. The character is not caricaturised unlike the K-serial vamps like ‘Komolika’ from Kasauti Zindagi Ki. She comes across as a strong, independent woman who prioritises her career and also stands by women’s rights. Kavya’s character might have failed Anupamaa but there are also various instances when she supports Anupamaa. She supports Anupamaa’s remarriage and her subsequent decision to adopt a daughter, among others. 

While other serials are still featuring leads who either reincarnate multiple times or turn into ichadhari nagins, Anupamaa has made a place in the  hearts of viewers because of its honest, relatable, and practical take on real-life issues.


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