Right from fries to fritters, some of our most favourite foods are prepared using the deep frying method. Though it is not considered one of the healthiest cooking methods, so many of us love having deep-fried food items and prepare them at home once in a while. 

Also, a lot of people avoid deep frying at home because honestly, it isn't as simple as it looks. While deep frying at home, one needs to consider a lot of things, right from ensuring safety to getting crisp food. If you are still new to this cooking technique then this guide will help you. Read on. 

Check If The Oil Is Hot Enough

When deep-frying, it is very important to check the temperature of the oil. If it isn't hot enough then your food will attract more oil, get soggy. For just the right temperature, you can use an oil thermometer. Make sure the temperature is between 350 and 375 degrees. If you don't have an oil thermometer then check by dropping a small cube of food. If it turns brown in 60 seconds then the oil is hot enough to prepare food.

Fry In Small Batches

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Often when running late, we put in all the fries or fritters in the pan at once. The result? Partially cooked or raw food. To ensure that every fry or fritter gets cooked properly, make sure you cook in small batches. It may take more time but will ensure you get crispy and completely cooked food.

Soak Excess Oil

Do you end yo transferring food from the fryer or kadai as soon as you see it has turned gold and crispy? In this case, your food can have a lot of oil and it will taste greasy. Make sure you hold the food against the kadhai or fryer and then place it on an oil absorbent sheet and serve it.

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Don't Leave The Oil Unattended

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When deep-frying at home, make sure you never leave it unattended. You can end up burning the oil, home fire or something worse. If you have to rush somewhere, make sure you turn off the flame. 

The Hack To Make Food Turn Crispy

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For those crispy fritters, samosas, you need to have that perfect batter. To ensure your food turns out to be crunchy, your batter should be thin. A thick batter will give you soggy food. Also, make sure that you prepare the batter fresh everytime. (how to make crispy, fluffy pooris)

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Pick The Right Oil

For deep frying, you need a cooking oil that has a high smoke point and something that doesn't add flavour to your food. Avoid using olive oil for deep frying and pick among vegetable, peanut, or mustard oil as they have a neutral flavour.

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Fry Smaller Pieces

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You might have to deep fry those big pieces of chicken or cottage cheese but let's tell you that size does matter a lot here and can affect the crispiness of your food. Avoid cutting food into big pieces and cut into smaller ones to ensure that food is cooked completely. Often while deep frying pieces of food, the inner part remains uncooked or raw.

It is best to avoid leftover oil for cooking or deep frying again as it can change the taste of your food. You can use it for greasing or tempering in your kitchen. 

We hope this guide helps you master the deep-frying technique. For more such food-related tips and tricks, stay tuned!