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Yummy & Easy To Make Delicacies Of Burmese Cuisine By Chef Kaviraj Khialani

Learn how to make various recipes of Burmese Cuisine with our Chef Kaviraj Khialani
  • Chef Kaviraj Khialani
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Published -09 Jun 2022, 18:23 ISTUpdated -09 Jun 2022, 18:22 IST
Recipes Of Burmese Food

Burmese food is heavily influenced by the neighbouring cultures of India, China, and Thailand. They use common spices and ingredients yet the way those spices and ingredients are mixed make it unique. Being a little different in culinary culture and style and that is why the food is always shared with family, friends and tends to begin with rice followed by various curry dishes.

Burma is one of those Asian countries, roughly the size of Texas and wedged between Bangladesh to the west and Thailand and Laos to the east. It’s important to note that the nation also goes by the Myanmar name, depending on who you ask. Political turmoil over the last several decades has seen not only a tug-of-war with regards to its national title but a struggle to define itself. Generations of British colonialism faded into brutal military rule and several uprisings.

tasty Burmese food

This is the land of large pythons and precious stones. Some ninety percent of the globe’s rubies come from Burma. Rice is Burma’s biggest export and the landscape is dramatic, with towering mountain ranges, verdant jungles, and incredible old towers from bygone civilizations. With tons of coastline thanks to the adjacent Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, Burma’s cuisine is, unsurprisingly, seafood driven. This is the land of fish sauce and dried prawns. One of The national favourite dish is Mohinga, a popular breakfast dish made with rice noodles and fish soup. Inland, there’s more in the way of pork and beef and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, there are also recipes which can be done without fish and seafood as well to suit the palates of foodies and connoisseurs from around the globe!

Simplicity and no fuss cooking methods, relatively good to go with concepts and adaptable nature of the food here makes it a foodie’s perfect choice! Here are a few Easy to make Burmese Recipes without the use of seafood to start with in your kitchen & Relish The Taste of Burma!


Here are a few recipes from Burmese Cuisine to try out and relish.




Samosa wrappers- 10-12 pieces, readymade or home-made

For home-made wrappers:

Maida-1 cup

Oil-2 tsp

Salt- ¼ tsp

Warm water-as needed to make the dough

To serve with:

Assorted dips/ chutneys/sauces- sweet chilli sauce/ tomato chilli sauce etc

For the stuffing of the Samosa:

oil-2 tsp

curry leaves- 10-12 shredded

green chilies-1 tsp chopped

ginger-1 tsp chopped

shallots/ small onion-1/4 cup fine chopped

carrot- 2-3 tbsp. fine chopped

french beans- 2-3 tbsp. finely sliced

peas-1/4 cup boiled and mashed

potato- ½ cup boiled mashed

salt to taste

turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

red chilli powder-1/4 tsp

coriander powder-1/2 tsp

lime juice-2 tsp

coriander leaves-2 tbsp.

roasted crushed peanuts-2 tsp

oil to deep fry the samosas


1. Prepare all the ingredients for the samosa snack.

2. Heat oil in a pan and saute the curry leaves, green chilies, onions, add ginger and saute for 1-2 mins.

3.Add in the carrots, beans, peas, and saute, add in salt and all the spices one by one and mix it all up on a low flame add a little water just to cook the carrots and beans if not boiled earlier.

4. Now add in the mashed potatoes, coriander, splash of lime and peanuts and mix well.

5. Remove and cool in a tray and then start with the stuffing of the samosas one by one, place the oil in a kadai to fry the samosas, pre-heat it to save on time.

6. Fry the samosas in medium hot oil until nice and golden in colour on all sides, remove onto kitchen paper and drain off excess oil, and serve hot. 




Boneless chicken curry cuts- 750 gms with bones, skin removed

For the marination:

Oil-1 tbsp.

Ginger paste-1 tsp

Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp

Crushed coriander seeds-1 tsp

Salt to taste

For the curry paste:

Garlic- 4-5 cloves

Ginger- 1 tsp sliced

Shallots/ small onions-1/2 cup roughly cut

Green chilli-2 no

Red chilli- 3-4 no

Coriander leaves- 1 cup

Grind to a paste with little water and keep aside.

Additional ingredients:

Onions-1 cup sliced

Coconut milk-2 cups

Sweet potato-1 cup cubes

Chicken stock/water- 2-3 cups

Oil as needed to cook and saute ingredients:

Salt to taste

Lime -1 no

For garnish:

Fried onions/ fried chilies.


1. Clean, wash and pat dry the chicken pieces and apply the marination on it and keep in the fridge for 30 mins.

2. Using a food processor combine together the ingredients for the curry paste mixture and using little water make a nice smooth paste of it and keep in a bowl.

3. In a pan, saute 1 cup sliced onions in 2-3 tbsp. oil until nice and golden brown and keep aside, also fry sweet potato cubes and keep aside.

4. In a heavy bottomed pan, heat little oil, put in the marinated chicken pieces and saute for 2-3 mins. Once they start turning brown add in the curry paste and mix well, add little stock and simmer the chicken in it for 8-10 mins.

5. Now add in the fried sweet potatoes and the browned onions, mix well, add in the coconut milk and simmer for 6-8 mins.

6. Finally add in the lime juice, coriander leaves and dish out the chicken curry and garnish with fried onions or chilies and serve hot with steamed rice.




Oil- 2 tsp

For the curry paste

Whole red chilies- 2-3 soaked

Ginger-1 tbsp. sliced

Garlic- 2-3 cloves sliced

Green chilies-2 no chopped

Coriander stems-1/2 cup cut

Coriander leaves-1/2 cup

Salt and water-a little to grind

For the spices and other ingredients:

Gram flour/besan-2 tsp

Coriander powder- 1 tsp

Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Coconut milk-2 cups thick

Water/stock-1 cup or as needed

Sugar-1/2 tsp

Dash of soya sauce

Fresh basil leaves-4-5 no

Lime juice- 2- 3 tsp

Rice noodles/ veg noodles-2 cups boiled

Garlic cloves- 10-12 sliced, fried golden

Peanuts-2-3 tbsp. roasted and crushed.

Fried onions-1/2 cup

Coriander leaves-2-3 tbsp. chopped

Spring onion greens-2-3 tbsp. chopped

Chilli flakes-1-2 tsp

Fried cashews- 2-3 tsp

Boiled egg-1-2 no sliced/wedges

For the choice of veggies:

Carrots/ beans/ Baby Corn/ mushrooms/ broccoli/ capsicums/ water chestnuts

For the choice of non-veggies:

Boiled chicken cubes, saute prawns, poached fish, cooked sliced meat etc


1. Pre-prep all the ingredients as needed for this recipe.

2. Prepare the curry paste and keep aside, prepare all veggies, cut them into small pieces and blanch them/ boil them to save on assembling time later. Boil the noodles as well and keep it ready.

3. Prepare all the garnishes for the Khow-Suey from fried onions, to nuts, chopping of the greens, lime slice, boiling of egg etc.

4. Heat oil in a pan, add in the curry paste, fry it for a few seconds, add in the besan and cook it on a low flame for 2-3 mins, then add in little water/stock all the powdered spices, salt and bring to a nice boil.

5. Add in the coconut milk and simmer for 6-8 mins, add in a little cornstarch solution to thicken up a little and for a shine, add a pinch of sugar, little soya sauce and adjust the taste of the curry.

6. Now to get ready for assembling we need to have all the garnishes sorted in separate bowls in case of full service set up, in case of being portioned and served we can top it up as we go along.

7. Using a deep soup plate, place the boiled hot noodles at the base, top with the hot curry, place in your cooked veggies/ non-veg ingredients, add more curry, place a little of all the garnishes as made and place a sliced boiled egg in case of non-veg and a slice of lime and serve hot.

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For the Coconut Rice:

Rice- 1 and a half cup, cleaned, washed and soaked for 20 mins.

Oil/ghee-2 tsp

Bay leaf- 1-2 no

Peppercorns-2-3 no

Garlic-1-2 cloves, sliced

Salt to taste

Coconut milk-1 and a half cup

Water-1 and a half cup

Assorted sliced nuts-2 tsp

Golden fried onions-2-3 tsp

Golden fried garlic-2-3 tsp

For the Creamy Tofu:

Firm or extra- firm tofu variety- 250 gms cubes

Oil-2 tsp

Ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp

Green chilies-1 tsp chopped

Onion paste-1/2 cup

Salt to taste

Tomato puree-2-3 tsp

Cashew paste-1-2 tsp

Fresh cream-2-3 tbsp.

Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp

Coriander powder-1 tsp

Cinnamon powder-1 pinch

Green cardamom powder-1 pinch

Dash of lime juice

To serve with: a cucumber – coriander tossed salad with a dressing of lime juice, oil, salt, pepper, mint and roasted crushed cumin.


1. Prepare the coconut rice to start with, heat oil or ghee in a pan add in the whole spices, and add in the pastes one by one and saute them well until change in colour and aroma, add in the drained rice, little water, salt and simmer and cook, once the water gets absorbed add in coconut milk and continue cooking until done, add the nuts and fried onions and mix.

2. Now start with the tofu recipe, heat oil/ghee in a pan add in the whole spices, the pastes one by one and cook well add in the tomato puree, salt, spices to taste and mix well, add cashew paste and cream, add in the cinnamon and cardamom powder and simmer the mixture, add a little water if needed just to coat the tofu pieces.

3. Once the gravy starts leaving oil at the sides add in the tofu cubes and simmer in the sauce for 3-4 mins. Start with the plating of the recipe with rice being moulded and garnished with fried garlic, at the side place some tofu with creamy sauce and a small portion of the tossed salad and serve immediately.




Red-ripe tomatoes- 2-3 med sized, cut into small slices, de-seed them.

Onion-1 small, sliced

Garlic-2-3 cloves, chopped

Peanuts- ½ cup boiled or roasted

Mint leaves- 2-3 tsp cut

Coriander leaves- 2-3 tbsp. chopped

Lime juice- 2-3 tsp

Salt to taste

Red chilli powder-1/4 tsp

Crushed black pepper- ¼ tsp

For additional add ons:

Cucumber-1/2 no sliced

Roasted eggplant cubes- ½ cup

Assorted capsicums-1/2 cup cubes


1. Prepare all the ingredients for the Burma tomato toss salad.

2. This recipe is usually served alongside meals like a kachumber concept.

3. Prepare this a little before eating time and keep chilled.

4. In a mixing bowl, combine together the tomatoes with the other ingredients and add in the salt and other dressing elements into it and give it all a nice mix.

5. Add in the peanuts- either roasted/ boiled groundnuts and mix well, dish out into serving bowls, add coriander and mint toss, and serve with meals.

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Sticky rice- 1 cup or regular cooking rice

Peanuts-1/2 cup roasted/crushed

Toasted White sesame seeds- ¼ cup

Brown sugar-1/2 cup

Jaggery-1/4 cup grated

Salt- ¼ tsp

Butter/ ghee -2-3 tsp

Cinnamon stick-1-inch piece

Desiccated coconut-1/2 cup

Water-2 and ¼ cup

Raisins-2-3 tsp

Walnuts-2-3 tsp 

Almonds-2-3 tsp


1. Assemble all the ingredients for the dessert rice preparation.

2. Rinse the sticky rice or thai style quality of rice if being used or else for regular rice we can soak it in water for 20 mins and drain it.

3. Warm a little butter or ghee in a pan, add in the cinnamon stick, add in the drained rice/sticky rice and saute for a minute.

4. Add in water and allow to cook for 8-10 mins, once the rice starts cooking half way through, now add in the brown sugar, jaggery, half the quantity of peanuts, sesame seeds, and allow to cook until well cooked and mash up in texture now add in a little coconut and mix well.

5. Turn off the flame and grease a cake mould to set the sweet, place the crushed peanuts and coconut at the base of the cake tin/mould and drop in the cooked rice mixture, add in the chopped/sliced nuts press it down well with a spatula, set in the fridge for 2-3 hours, remove and cut into squares or fancy shapes and serve.

Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such recipes by chef Kaviraj Khialani who is not just a celebrity Master Chef but has a varied experience with hotels and airlines. He is an author, food writer,  food designer, consultant, and creative cuisine specialist. 


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