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    How To Make Perfect Mooli Paratha, Easy Guide To Make Dough And Stuffing

    It can get difficult to roll out a paratha if the mooli stuffing is not right, follow this quick guide to make perfect mooli parathas at home.
    Published -16 Oct 2021, 15:30 ISTUpdated -11 Nov 2021, 15:19 IST
    mooli paratha stuffing dough recipe easy

    Winters are just here and foodies like me wait for this season just to relish those crispy and fresh homemade parathas. This is that time of the year when most of us enjoy heavy, stuffed parathas for our breakfast with a lot of butter. 

    Among all the amazing stuffed parathas enjoyed during this season, mooli paratha is much loved. It is crispy and filling! No?

    There is no better naashta than enjoy fresh mooli parathas with a dollop of white butter and some chilled curd. 

    However, if you are still new to cooking or just haven't managed to perfect that mooli paratha, this guide is for you. Write from preparing the stuffing to kneading the dough, this guide has all the tips you need to follow. 

    How To Make Mooli Paratha Stuffing?

    • After peeling the radish or mooli, dry it properly. 
    • Always grate the radish thin or it will be difficult for you to prepare the stuffing. 
    • After grating the radish, squeeze out all its water. Use this water to further knead the parathas.
    • Always prepare the mooli stuffing fresh when you want to make the parathas. Keeping the stuffing out for long will turn it watery. 
    • Roast mooli with some oil and all the spices as per taste. Don't cook it for too long or you can end up burning it. 

    Grandma Tips To Make Mooli Paratha

    mooli paratha recipe tips

    • To make mooli parathas, pick raidh that is soft, tender without leaves. 
    • Knead the dough for long to get a soft and smooth texture. 
    • Don't throw away mooli water, it can be used to knead the dough. It further adds to the flavour of your parathas. 
    • Use the fresh mooli leaves in the stuffing. Make sure they are soft, hard leaves are not suitable for consumption.

    Mistakes To Avoid When Making Mooli Parathas

    • Don't keep the mooli mixture prepared for long or it can turn watery and make it difficult for you to prepare the parathas. 
    • Never grate the radish thick or you won't be able to roll it into a paratha. 

    How To Knead Mooli Paratha Dough?

    • Take whole wheat flour in a big bowl, add salt and some oil to it. 
    • Use radish water to knead the dough for flavouring or you can also use regular water. 
    • Knead the dough for a few minutes so that it turns soft and smooth. 
    • Keep the dough for rest for 10 minutes. 

    Special Ingredients For Mooli Paratha

    To add flavour to your regular mooli paratha, you can add some special spices to it. Some good options are - 

    • Carom seeds or ajwain
    • Ginger paste or grated ginger 
    • Chopped green chillies
    • Garam Maala 
    • Amchur powder or dry mango powder
    • Curry leaves or kadi patta

    How To Make Mooli Paratha?

    mooli paratha recipe easy

    Ingredients Required - 

    • Radish/Mooli
    • Carom Seeds
    • Salt 
    • Red Chilli Powder
    • Turmeric
    • Black Pepper Powder

    Directions - 

    • Take two lemon size balls from the dough and roll out thin. 
    • Spread the mooli stuffing evenly on one paratha and top it with another paratha. This trick helps you make a paratha which has an equal stuffing. 
    • Seal the edges using your fingers. 
    • Using a rolling pin, flatten the paratha. 
    • On a non-stick pan, spread some ghee and place the paratha. 
    • Toast on both sides till golden and brown. 
    • Take off flame and top with some butter. Serve with curd. 

    We hope these tips help you prepare delicious mooli parathas at home this season. For more such tips, stay tuned!

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