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    Is It Safe To Cook Over A Rack In The Oven?

    Starting with baking as a part-time hobby, most of us pick on that simply thinking it’s an easier job and a sweeter reward.
    Published -25 Oct 2021, 14:12 ISTUpdated -25 Oct 2021, 14:29 IST
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    With the pandemic hitting us and a worldwide lockdown, many of us took onto baking as a hobby we could do being caged up in the 4 walls of our house. Youtube and Instagram being our guiding mentors, we all moved forward and learned how to cook amazingly delicious delicacies for our loved ones sitting at home. 

    Many of us have converted the part-time hobby into a profession and are successfully building an empire step by step. With the least amount of circumstantial theory that we all have embedded in our minds through social media platforms, are we all sure that what we all are doing is actually the right process? 

    With cooking comes a lot of essential and basic knowledge, that’s why we have culinary schools in the first place to have chefs as a profession. We all can’t be specialized chefs but we can at least have the knowledge, can’t we? 

    Starting with baking as a part-time hobby, most of us pick on that simply thinking it’s an easier job and a sweeter reward. In the oven (Learn How To Make A DIY Oven), we spot a baking rack. Do we all know the purpose and proper use of a baking rack in the oven? Let’s dig into it! 

    Is It Safe To Cook Over A Rack In The Oven?

    According to Bruce Mattel, associate dean at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), yes, you can. (With some caveats). 

    Look for oven-safe labels and avoid using any racks that have been treated by a non-stick coating. Non-stick racks may be easier to clean, but the same coating breaks down and warps under an oven’s heat.

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    A rectangular stainless-steel rack with a crisscrossed pattern allows for air ventilation while keeping food from slipping out and falling on the base of the oven and burning. 

    Once you’ve made sure your cooling rack is free of food-ruining coatings, here are some ways to use it.

    To Cook Meat Or Fish

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    “With smoking, you’re going to need a lot of air circulating,” says Mattel. A cooling rack is ideal for this kind of job. You don’t even need a pan, just place your meat directly on the rack.

    For Dehydrating

    Planning to make dehydrated oven-dried tomatoes? Use a cooling rack, which scatters the heat and helps prevent flaming by keeping delicate foods off the bottom of the pan.

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    For Better Dressing

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    When roasting meats like steak or chicken thighs, put beans or vegetables under the cooling rack to soak up the drippings while they cook. Since cooling racks aren't as high as traditional roasting racks, they generally sit less than an inch above the pan. Big foods like potatoes won't work. Instead cannellini beans and greens, or zucchini and eggplant.

    To Make Crispier Baked Foods

    It may be way healthier, but there’s something about oven-baked “fried” foods that’s usually a little, well, wanting. Using a cooling rack to suspend breaded foods as they bake will significantly up the crunch factor. Try this trick with oven-baked buttermilk chicken or tempura fish for tacos.

    Are you going to try some of the tips and tricks? Let us know on our official Instagram account! Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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