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5 Pregnancy-Related Sex Myths You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

There are a lot of pregnancy-related myths about sex that are often believed to be true.
Published -23 Aug 2022, 19:39 ISTUpdated -23 Aug 2022, 19:50 IST
sex pregnancy myths

Amid the lack of sex education in the country and easy mode of communication, false news and beliefs about sex spread much faster and farther. Due to this, everyone has heard their fair share of sex myths. 

These myths, especially those pertaining to pregnancy, can be quite dangerous. In this article, we debunk some of the most pervasive misconceptions about sex.

MYTH 1: Contraception Methods Are 100% Effective In Preventing Pregnancy

Contraception Methods

No condoms or other prescription birth control methods can completely prevent pregnancy. This means that even when birth control is used correctly, pregnancy can still happen. All forms of birth control include some percentage of failure rates. However, condoms are 98 % effective at preventing pregnancy. 

MYTH 2: Peeing After Sex Can Prevent Pregnancy

Peeing After Sexx

If any sperm has entered the vagina then peeing won't prevent pregnancy. This also won't shield one against STIs. However, urinating before and after sex is advised since it significantly lowers the risk of UTI by flushing out the harmful bacteria from the urethra.

MYTH 3: Having Sex In A Certain Position Can Prevent Pregnancy

Having Sex In A Certain Position

Many people think that performing sex in a particular position can stop sex. Many people also think that positioning themselves a certain way after intercourse can help in avoiding getting pregnant. These are all completely untrue.  You have a chance to become pregnant as long as sperm enter the vagina, and there is no proof that any specific sex position raises the likelihood of conception.

MYTH 4: Withdrawal Method Can Prevent Pregnancy

Withdrawal Method Can Prevent Pregnancy

The pulling out method does not ensure that one can't get pregnant. Pregnancy can happen even through pre-ejaculation because all it takes is a tiny sperm. 

MYTH 5: You Can't Get Pregnant During Periods

You Can't Get Pregnant During Periods

While it is true that the chances of pregnancy are remote during periods, one can still get pregnant during this time. So using a condom is a good idea.

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