So you ended up cooking a little extra and stashed away a dish in the refrigerator, only to eat it 1-2 days later. If you get an upset stomach after doing this for a few weeks, you can’t blame anyone but yourself. Sure, you do not eat junk food that much and #homecookedfoodrocks but even homemade food that has gone stale can wreak havoc on your tummy especially during summer season when food tends to go bad within a few hours. If the situation of an upset stomach doesn’t sound that serious to you then read on to find out how dangerous it can be to have stale food and how this type of lifestyle can hurt your body badly in the long run.

At the end of the day, we deserve to eat freshly made food that tastes excellent. But most of the times, due to our carelessness, we even end up eating stuff that’s starting to go bad. Thinking that it’s okay as long as it smells okay and doesn’t have any immediate effect on us, we keep eating stale food, not realising that it messes up our digestion.

Nil Nutritional Value

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According to doctors, one should not eat food that has been made over 4-5 hours ago. Also, vegetables should be cut for salads and fruits should be sliced up just before eating them. Eating a stale salad is not going to do any favours for your health and in fact can be pretty bad for digestion. The dressing in salads, if acidic, can ruin the taste as well as nutritional value of the vegetables if the salad is kept aside for a long time.

The Dangers Of Food Poisoning

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The cases of food poisoning multiply during the summer season. While we usually think that eating that tasty burger or gol gappa from a roadside kiosk was the reason behind it, mostly it is not so. Food poisoning occurs after toxin build-up keeps happening in the digestive system and we only feel the symptoms after some time. Having stale food everyday even if is homemade can cause food poisoning after some time in summers as the elevated temperature allows the growth of bacteria in the food. Such microbes can aggressively multiply within a temperature range of 5 to 60 degrees Celsius within a span of just 2-3 hours. Eating such foods can cause vomiting and loose motions.

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Fatal Fluid Loss From Diarrhoea

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Cases of diarrhoea increase during summer season as people end up eating stale food and do not hydrate that much. Kids and elderly are at an increased risk since their digestive power is not that strong. This way, eating stale food in summer season can cause diarrhoea that in turn can be fatal for them as the fluid loss that takes place can be great.

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The Dangers Of Stale Dairy Products

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People usually end up using milk from the same container over a span of 2-3 days. While it may not be that dangerous during winter season, doing so is not advisable when the mercury starts to soar. If you consume fresh milk from the dairy then boil it and have it within the same day. For packed milk and milk products, make sure to use them before the date of expiry written on the package. Remember, the expiry date is valid only until the pack is kept unopened and not exposed to air.