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Expert Recommended Effective Exercises To Prevent Knee Cracking And Snapping

Thigh stretching exercises, leg rotation and thigh squats are some effective exercises to get relief from cracking knees. 
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -25 Feb 2022, 17:18 ISTUpdated -25 Feb 2022, 17:42 IST
cracking knees

Knee pops and crackles are usually not a cause for concern. This most commonly occurs because the kneecap does not move perfectly up and down from the centre of the knee joint. However, the roughness and resurfacing can lead to  loss of knee cartilage, which can lead to osteoarthritis. If you are concerned about sounds in your knee, you ought to be a bit concerned. You can take steps to help your knees, such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle to rest your knees, strengthening your leg muscles, and seeing if your knee problems get worse. Fitness expert Sonia Bakshi suggests some effective exercises so as to help your cracking knees.“If you witness a cracking sound from your knees without any pain, then you can do exercises like thigh stretching exercises, leg rotation exercises and thigh squats.” said fitness expert Sonia Bakshi. 

Sonia Bakshi

In order to improve cracking knees, you can do these exercises suggested by fitness expert Sonia Bakshi. These exercises are sure to improve your knees and reduce any existing discomfort that you might be facing because of your cracking knees. These exercises can prove to be great remedies for cracking knees. 

Thigh Stretching Exercises

thigh stretching

Picture Courtesy: Good House Keeping

Sonia Bakshi insists everyone to practise thigh stretching exercises. She explained “Stand straight you can also keep one hand on the wall for support. Fold one leg so basically you are grabbing your right heel and pulling it back. You have to make sure that your heel touches your buttock. you'll feel stress in the front and back of your thigh muscles. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. This is called standing front thigh stretching exercise.”

Leg Rotation

leg rotation

Picture Courtesy: Medical News Today

She also suggested leg rotation exercises. She said “The next exercise is called standing single leg rotation in thigh rotation. In this you stand or you lean against a wall or a chair. keep your back straight raise your right leg make a 90゚ angle at the knee and move the hip to the side like making a circle with your knee . Do one set of ten counts each with both legs”

Thigh Squat

thigh squat exercise

Another exercise that she suggested in order to improve cracking knees is thigh squat. She said “The next exercise is called inner thigh squat so what you need to do in this is stand with your feet more apart than your hips. The toes should be pointing outwards and keep the weight on your heels. go down and do a 1/2 squat and then go down as if you are trying to sit on an invisible chair. While squatting bend your knees and go as low as possible but not more than 90゚  3 sets of 15 counts are good”. Thigh squatting is not just good for your knees but also for building thigh muscles. 

If you wish to share any effective exercise to prevent knee cracking, do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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