When it comes to working out most of us hardly pay any attention to the things that we should do before a workout, and things that we shouldn’t. We straight away indulge in the exercises without realizing that our pre or post-workout plays an equal role in developing the muscles and providing the optimum fitness results. When you are not taking care of your pre-workout regime will interfere with your body while working out. Here are some essential pre-workout habits that you should follow to give your best in your workout training.

Avoid Having Heavy Meal

heavy meal before workout

You must have heard this several times now but how often do we follow this habit? Most of the timings of our workout are either early morning or late evening and at both these times, we mostly feel hungry because of the long gap from our last meal. However, to have the right energy and nutrition is important for pushing your limits and lift heavy at the gym but eating right and at the correct timing is equally important.

When you eat heavy right before your exercises it leads to nausea, cramps, and other indigestion issues. This prevents you from giving your best at your training and you end up getting demotivated without getting the results.

Working out Without Warm-up

strecthing before workout

Everyone knows the importance of stretching and warming up the body before a workout but still, most of us skip it at times. Mostly on the days when you are running out late for the work or office, hence it is always better to plan your day. Keeping a proper schedule for your warm-ups and stretching exercises benefits your body as much as your workouts do. When you do stretching and warm-up it prepares your muscles to indulge in further exercises and gradually increases your heart rate as well. It also increases your breathing level to match up the intensity of your workout.

Never Workout On Empty Stomach

no alcohol before workout

Fasting or eating too little can also harm your body in a big way that can make you feel nausea, fatigued and sluggish too. Having a small nutritious snack about an hour before your workout is always a good idea to get energy and fuel to perform better at your training. It gives enough nutrients and stimulates your body to gear up for the exercises. Some great snack ideas are to have low fiber foods like banana or some fruit, peanut butter with whole-grain bread, or just have yogurt with dry fruits.

Alcohol Is A Big No

before workout

It is quite understood that consuming any alcoholic drink makes you dizzy as it messes up with your motor skills and makes it difficult to coordinate. You can either get hurt while performing exercises or won’t be able to do them at all. Your body loses out of control with even a limited amount of alcoholic beverages. You might end up either doing too much training with wrong postures and sore muscles which is not great for your body.

Avoid Too Much Water

While it is an important and healthy practice to keep your body hydrated, it is also necessary to watch out for the amount you are having before your workout. Gulping down too much water can lead to cramps and nausea during your training, it is ideal to keep sipping on a small amount of water throughout your exercises.

We hope you found these tips useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

image courtesy: unsplash