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  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial

Have A Cool Look With The Right Type Of Handbags With Your Sarees

Handbags fine tune your looks. As a result, choose the one that best suits your demands and the event.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -31 Mar 2022, 15:30 ISTUpdated -31 Mar 2022, 15:07 IST
types of handbags to go with your saree

Wearing the appropriate outfit isn't enough to achieve the perfect look. It's all about completing the look with the proper accessories, handbags, and shoes. When it comes to luggage, the big heavy bag that you have to carry everywhere is no longer the norm. For the many types of sarees that you wear, there are a plethora of purse alternatives. Here's where we'll get you acquainted with it. Check out our picks for the best handbags that go with your saree:

1. Sling Bags

Sling Bags

These bags are simply beautiful. They're little box bags with small gold handles that you may delicately wear around your wrist. These bags are more evening bags that may be worn with both traditional and trendy sarees. They're ideal for formal events like dinners and receptions. To add pzazz to your style, choose neutral tones and flashy colours of gold and copper.

2. Clutches 


This is a stylish purse that is available in a range of colours, sizes, and styles to meet your needs. There are jewelled clutches, basic monotone clutches, and very fancy animal and bird-shaped clutches. These handbags are ideal for cocktail party get-togethers. They are luxurious, and the stone work in the clutches will reflect the work in your designer saree, complementing each other and resulting in a hand full of comments.

3. Potli Bags 

Potli Bags

This bag has been transformed into a "must have," and everyone should own one. The potli, also known as the batua, is a lovely and useful purse that goes well with heavy sarees like silk sarees. These are made of brilliant brocade colours and have a lot of detail work on them. Our advice to all you wonderful ladies is to have your designer match your saree with a potli bag. Match it to your outfit and have them work on your purse. You'll be the talk of the town.

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4. Totes


With a formal saree, tote bags work nicely. This is a bag that can be customised to fit your demands in terms of size, shape, and colour.

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5. Cross Body Bags

Cross Body Bags

When you're wearing a traditional saree and going to a professional presentation or meeting, which purse should you bring? We recommend cross-body bags. These types of bags look best in neutral hues like black and brown, and they're a great complement for your sarees.

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