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    5 Weekend Courses for Satiating Your Gourmet Experience

    The trend of budding home chefs has recently seen a sharp rise leading to several short-term cooking classes covering various cuisines and culinary de...
    Published -24 Oct 2021, 10:00 ISTUpdated -24 Oct 2021, 09:22 IST
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    Home Chefs are an emerging and rapidly growing part of the food industry. This trend of budding home chefs has recently seen a sharp rise leading to several short-term cooking classes covering various cuisines and culinary delights. 

    There has been a noticeable change in the number of home chefs who have taken the opportunity to bring their talents out of the kitchen into a wider arena. A culinary school will educate you how to be creative in the kitchen and will prepare you for a career in the industry. People are signing up for more and more short term culinary courses and weekend workshops to polish their culinary skills. The concept of home chefs dealing with a limited clientele is relatively a new phenomenon.There are a number of schools and culinary centres that offer such culinary courses for these  homegrown chefs:

    Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts

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    APCA offers part-time certificate courses for hobbyists and aspiring home chefs. Classes for imparting skilled training for patisserie & bakery are conducted on weekends. The programme includes 12 sessions spanning across three months. Once enrolled students are provided with an apron, ingredients & study materials for unleashing their creativity. Under this course, the student learns to make breads, chocolates, tea cakes, classic french cakes & pastries, wedding cakes, cookies & other desserts. Located in Delhi NCR, Bangalore & Mumbai, the academy is credited for its excellence in this field and students are able to gain practical knowledge of creating delightful recipes.  Students from India as well as abroad have been enrolling themselves for this course.

    Institute of Bakery and Culinary Arts 

    IBCA’s 12-week programme covers all practical cooking techniques used in typical hotels and restaurants, allowing students to obtain entry-level positions in the field. Students can carve out a great future in Culinary with this IBCA course credential with superior learning and experience. Under this course the student learns sauce preparation, soups making, main course, Desserts, platting, vegetable preparation, meat preparation etc. Regular weekly classes are held with more focus on practical classes with theoretical classes for comprehensive learning. In the final assessment, both practical and theoretical students are tested before being certified by IBCA. not only this they also teach students how to make their food more presentable.

    Rana Cooking School

    Under this 3 month course in commercial cooking students are taught classical cooking techniques, such as professional knife skills, fish filleting, and an introduction to plating presentation and also  basic cooking methods and cuisine preparation. Except these students are also taught kitchen food safety and hygiene which is the most essential part of cooking. Under this course  Indian ethnic cuisines  and basic European and Asian culinary skills are taught to students. The course offers two kinds of sessions: intensive and standard. The only difference is that under the intensive sessions students are taught the same curriculum in a short span of time. Such intensive sessions are more suitable for busy working professionals who want to learn culinary skills in a short span.

    PB Culinary Academy

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    This school provides Amateur Culinary Programs ranging from 4-7 weeks depending on the type of the course the student selects. Certificate courses offered by Amateur Culinary Programs focus on either regional cooking or a specific subject. They are designed to provide complete training, starting with the fundamental ingredients and progressing to a full menu. The courses are aimed at students who have limited time and are interested in learning a specific cuisine or subject. They  give students, housewives, executives, and anybody else interested in cooking hands-on experience while they learn. Traditional, modern, and inventive cuisines, as well as Indian and international delicacies, are covered in the Theme Course.

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    Chef Institute Of Culinary Arts

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    This institute offers short term courses of  3-5 week  for aspiring home chefs.  Under this course the student learns the basic art of chopping and 3 basic gravies or recipes that can be used to make any type of dish depending on the course the student chooses. There are various courses offered by the institute for cooking Indian curry, tandoor, continental, breads, cakes and icing. 

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    Summing up!

    For anyone who enjoys the bakery & culinary arts, taking cooking courses is both an enjoyable and informational experience. Institutes help you see food in new ways, introduce you to the new recipes, and walk you through fundamental abilities. By taking these classes, beginners can figure out around a kitchen while professionals can refine their methods and expand their skill set. 

    Taking cuisine & bakery classes is highly recommended for your growth! For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!

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