Including fruits in daily diet has a host of health benefits for the body. Specially during summers, fruits become an integral part of our daily eating habits, satiating both our hunger and thirst through their fresh pulps. Filled with vitamins and minerals, they not only provide essential nutrients to the human body but are also great for weight loss.  For the best benefits, one should have fruits early in the morning or an hour or two before meals.

However, while one enjoys eating fruits, experts opine that a person should not follow fruit consumption immediately with water as it can slow down digestion and cause other digestive problems.

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Here are five reasons one should not drink water after having fruits.

Causes Stomach Cramps And Flatulence

The high concentration of fructose and yeast in fruits can result in dilution of stomach acids if one drinks water right after fruit consumption. This creates an environment inside the body where yeast can thrive and it produces carbon dioxide and alcohol which causes Gas build-up in the stomach causing flatulence.

Drinking Water After Eating Fruits Disrupts pH Level In Body

Drinking water after having fruits that have high water content like watermelon, muskmelon, orange and strawberry disrupt the pH level of the digestive system. Fruits that have high water content can upset the pH levels by making the stomach less acidic. 

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Drinking Water After Having Fruits Slows Down Digestion

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Drinking water after having fruits hinders the absorption and digestion process in the stomach which in turn leads to acidity. One should avoid having water for at least an hour after eating fruits to avoid any unpleasantness.

Drinking Water After Consuming Fruits Dilutes Gastric Juices

Drinking water immediately after having a meal dilutes the gastric juice and the digestive enzymes that are needed for digestion. This, in turn, leads to the lesser secretion of digestive enzymes that in turn could cause heartburn and acidity.

Drinking Water After Eating Fruits Raises Blood Sugar Level In Body

Drinking water immediately after fruit consumption slows down the digestive process, which in turn leaves a lot of undigested food behind which gets converted to fat and a surge in insulin. This can raise the blood sugar levels of the body which could later go on to lead to diabetes and obesity.