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    Yummy Desserts Across India That You Must Try Before You Die!

    Are you a sweet tooth? Try these Indian sweets from across the country!
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    Updated at - 2021-07-07,18:21 IST
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    You know what they say? No matter how much you eat, no matter how full you are, there is always a special place in your stomach for desserts. We Indians take the phrase “kuch meetha ho jaaye”(let us have something sweet) a bit too seriously, don’t we? No matter how delicious a meal is, we only truly relish it if we know that there is dessert coming in the end. Even if we go to buffets, we appreciate it only if they have a good variety of sweet dishes to offer! So if you are someone whose mouth waters in the mention of soft gulab jamuns or hot and crispy jalebi, we are here to list down for you some of the best desserts in India and where you can find it! Make sure you have something sweet handy because by the end of this article, you are going to have a major sugar craving!

    Baked Rasgulla, Balarama and Radharam Mullick- Kolkata

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    If you think Rasgullas are too boring, you have certainly not tried baked Rasgullas. This Bengali sweet gives the normal Rasgullas not just an upgradation but a complete transformation. These Rasgullas are dunked in thick milk gravy that is made of condensed milk, jaggery, and a few other secret ingredients. The Rasgullas are extremely soft on the inside, and slightly caramelised and charred on the outside. We will not be able to describe this sweet anymore because no culinary adjective will be able to do justice to the dish!

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    Gulab Jamun, Shri Bankey Bihari Samose Wale- New Delhi

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    Don’t get misled by the name because this place does not only sell samosa but also the most delicious and the softest Gulab Jamun that you would have ever tasted. The Gulab Jamuns are freshly made and piping hot. They are perfectly sweetened and will leave you wanting more. They feel so light that you will keep dodging them in your mouth. The Gulab Jamuns prepared here are classic, without any added flavours or fillings(more places in Delhi that serve yummy Gulab jamun). That is what makes this sweet dish suitable for everyone!

    Malai Ki Gilori, Ram Asrey- Lucknow

    In the city of kebabs and biryani, who knew the best-kept secret would not be the recipe of tundey but to make this Malai Ki Gilori! A dream come true for all those who love milk-based sweets, this one is shaped like a paan where the outer covering is not a leaf but malai instead. The filling is not supari but dry fruits and mishri! Do you know what they say when you go to Lucknow? “Muskurayie aap Lucknow mein hai”(smile, you are in Lucknow!), because after having this delicacy your facial muscles will automatically smile!

    Ghevar, Sambhar Fini Wala- Jaipur

    ghevar jaipur best one

    Image Credit: karthfoodfactory

    If we are talking about authentic Indian sweets, we can’t overlook Rajasthan, especially the Pink City, and when we talk about Rajasthan, the first thing that comes to mind is Ghevar! If you want to have some delicious Ghevar, you must visit Sambhar Fini Wala. This shop is one of the oldest in Jaipur that serves Ghevar. They don’t only sell the classic Ghevar but also variations of the same like Rabdi Malai Ghevar, Strawberry Cream Ghevar, and what not! This place is perfect if you want to indulge in authentic Rajasthani sweets as well as the ones that have a bit of experimentation in them! 

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    Malaiyo, Markandey Ki Malaiyo- Varanasi

    malaiyo daulat ki chaat varanasi

    Image Credit: themoderndesi

    As children, we have always been tempted to taste clouds. The fluffiness and the colour made us want to stuff it in our mouths. Something about the way clouds look always gave an impression that if we were ever to taste it, it would be sweet. Probably that was the inspiration behind this dessert. Whatever it was, it worked well for us sweet-toothed people. If you happen to ever visit Varanasi, you must try this winter exclusive dish. It will melt in your mouth as soon as you put it in but still manage to leave behind a taste that will last. 

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