With so many companies going ahead with work from home for all employees due to the widespread fear of Coronavirus, one thing that sure does matter to us is that we will miss those tea-time snacking and chomping with our favourite colleagues. Now we cannot replace friends and co-workers but we sure can regulate the snacking. Generally, if we have not taken some snacks from home then we tend to buy chips and biscuits but since we do have the luxury of being home we can easily enjoy foods that are healthier and tasty. If nothing else, this will help us in detoxing like our celebs are also trying while quarantined. Here are some really healthy snacking options to help you get by.

Roasted Makhanas & Chickpeas


Nonperishable and high on nutrients like fiber, proteins and so many minerals and vitamins, roasted chanas are very good for snacking as long as you don't go overboard as they heat up your system. Chanas also have amino acids and are low in calories as well. They are excellent for those hunger pangs. Buy Indiana Roasted Chana - 500gm for Rs 220 here. Coming to makhanas, they taste really good and have them with a mix of puffed rice or murmuras. Makhanas or fox nuts have a lot of health benefits including the fact that they are good for high blood pressure and obesity. 



They are junk food which is healthy so you can enjoy it totally. They are a whole grain snack that can be seasoned with whatever you like. You can make them at home or buy it from outside. They can be enjoyed with butter, salt, herbs, jalapeno and well it is up to your imagination. They are gluten free and keep your mouth busy while working. Buy Dhawak Pop Corn Kernels - 900 Grams for Rs 249, here.

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Sugar Free Or Dark Chocolates


Enjoy yummy dark chocolates or sugar-free chocolates at home. Either make it yourself for destressing or buy it from outside. They are full of antioxidants and have many health benefits. Buy Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Chocolate, 2 X 100 g for Rs 447, here.

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Dry Fruits & Nuts


Now dry fruits and a mix of nuts are the best for snacking. Throw in som pistachios, almonds, cashews, walnuts, kishmish, berries, whatever you like and chomp on them. If you go easy on them, they are full of nutrients and good for weight loss. They are good for your metabolism as well. Buy Happilo Premium International Healthy Nutmix, 200g for Rs 274, here.

Oats Mix

oats mix

This is a super healthy combination wherein you throw in roasted oats, rolled wheat, barley flakes, and ragi flakes. It is a good breakfast option as well before you sit down for working as they keep you feeling full and they are also high on fibre amongst other health benefits.