If you are wondering what’s with every woman flaunting ultra smooth, shiny looking hair on social media then let’s tell you that it is a new hair trend. Liquid hair it is. The newest trend you need to follow!

Let’s first thank Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa for making this trend viral over social media. Earlier, glass hair had gone viral in the year 2018. When the trend first came in, it was all about getting a blunt bob which had a glossy shine. Glass hair was a combination of sharply cut hair and a shiny, silky, smooth texture. Back then too, it was celebrities like Kim Kardashian who tried it first and it went viral.

Well, if you are thinking how the trend is any different from regular straight hair, let’s tell you that there is one big difference which you might be missing on.

What Is Liquid Hair?

As the name suggests, liquid hair appear wet but actually aren't. It is the ultra reflective shine on the hair which makes it appear like a liquid on the hair. Also, liquid hair appear straight and fuller at the same time, which isn’t the case with regular straightened tresses. The final result of liquid hair is between salon straightened and blow dried hair.

liquid hair tips

The trend has taken over the beauty world and we are sure you want to try it too. Though this hair treatment is available at salons now, you can also try doing it at home if you wish to save a few bucks.

Hair Treatment For Liquid Hair

Keratin treatment is quite common these days and many celebrities have adopted it for frizz-free, smooth tresses. The process involves de-frizzing your hair which lasts for about 6 months. 

When you get this treatment done at a salon, keratin, which is an essential hair protein is injected into your hair follicle and other porous areas of your hair. This treatment leaves your hair soft and straight. Keratin treatment is believed to be much better than regular chemical packed straightening treatments. 

Though there are different ways to do it at home, the results aren't as good as the salon. Keratin treatment then can be followed with liquid hair procedure for better, long lasting results. 

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What Does The Expert Say?

London Hairstylist, Hollie Rose took to her Instagram and posted a video of liquid hair which were created using a plant based keratin. On her post she shared that the smoothing treatment is for all hair types, it brings back tresses to their healthy, original state by actively conditioning and revitalising the hair. She shared that it wasn't a regular straightening treatment but a smoothening treatment which eliminates frizz, creates silky hair.

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How To Do Liquid Hair At Home?

liquid hair at home

  • Begin with prepping your hair with a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Follow with a hair oil to smoothen down your hair. 
  • Next coat your hair with a hydrating, anti-frizz serum. This will help you detangle your hair. 
  • Next, blow dry your hair as smooth as possible. Use a round brush for the same because it will detangle and smoothen each hair strand. 
  • Use a flat iron to starighten out your hair. For this, use a paddle brush. Make sure you pay extra attention to the ends. This will help you hold your straight hair for longer. 
  • Lastly, use a finishing or shine spray on your hair. This will give your hair glossy texture. 


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