Mosambi or sweet lime is one of the world’s most popular fruit, known for its concentration in Vitamin C. It is a citrus fruit that is produced after a mix of citron and bitter orange.  The fruit has a thick textured skin of a greenish-yellow colour and a pulpy flesh.  Further, the fruit is full of antioxidants and is loaded with benefits for healthy skin and hair. 

So, here we are, presenting you with the incredible benefits of mosambi juice for your hair. Therefore see for yourself how you can use this and give your hair a new life. Here’s more.

Strengthen Your Hair With Mosambi Juice


A regular intake of this marvellous juice can help you in building your hair strength and keeping problems such as hair loss, hair breakage etc. at bay. The juice is enriched with Vitamin C that fights free radicals and keeps the hair strong from the roots to the tips. The deep nourishment of the hair also facilitates a good growth of your hair and keeps them healthy.

Mosambi Juice Treats Brittle Hair


Hair is a big part of our personality. When your hair is good, you automatically gain confidence and start feeling positive about yourself but if you are conscious of your hair not being on point, that may ruin your mood and your day. So, to avoid feeling bad about your hair, start using mosambi juice.  It will help you get rid of brittle hair or weak and frizzy hair. The reason behind it is the antioxidants that are present in sweet lime that kill the free radicals and provide a smooth and lustrous texture to your hair, subsiding brittle hair problems.

Cleans Your Scalp And Helps You Get Rid Of Dandruff

The basic secret to healthy hair is a clean scalp. Itchy or dry scalp can produce dandruff and hence result in you scratching your head all the time. To stop this, you can either drink mosambi juice regularly or use it as a hair wash by rinsing your hair with it after shampoo. If you keep doing this, time to time, you will notice your scalp will feel more moisturised and all dandruff and itchiness will be gone and you no longer will have to be embarrassed.

Soothes Irritation And Inflammation

You might have noticed that sometimes our scalp becomes tender and it is very painful to touch the roots. Guess what? Mosambi juice is a fount of vitamin C and that is why it can help in soothing all kinds of inflammation and irritation on the hair and the skin.

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Some Other Benefits Of Mosambi Juice For Hair

soft hair

  • It can treat split ends
  • Will bring a healthy shine to your hair
  • Will promote faster growth of your hair
  • Will help your hair become more manageable
  • Can give you instantly soft(try this homemade almond mask for soft hair) and shiny hair 

How To Make Mosambi Hair Wash

Mosambi hair wash can clean your head properly and provide your hair with the softness and shine you have been looking for.

Here’s how you can make mosambi hair wash:

  • Peel the mosambi and make a juice out of it
  • Heat some water in a pan and then put off the gas when the water is moderately hot. 
  • Now, mix the juice with warm water and stir.
  • Wash your hair with this after shampooing(best organic shampoos to try) and you will notice instant results.

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