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These Everyday Habits Can Make Your Hair Healthier

Long, silky and healthy hair not only enhance your appearance but also raise your self-esteem.
hair habits for healthy hair

The secret to gorgeous and healthy hair is good hair care habits. Healthy hair can enhance your appearance as well as your self-confidence. However, if you don't take care of your hair properly, it can lead to damaged hair, split ends, scratchy hair, and a variety of other hair issues. These are common concerns among women; nevertheless, by following simple hair practices, we can keep these issues at bay. Take a look at these simple hair practices that will allow you to flaunt your gorgeous hair.

1. Use Wooden Comb To Comb Your Hair

wooden comb

Always use a wooden comb to comb your hair. The carbon-based wooden comb is lighter and softer on the scalp, and it is less prone to bruise or scrape the surface. These wooden combs can improve the condition of the scalp and even promote hair growth.

Not only that, but these combs also help to prevent tangles and breakage, reduce dandruff and itchy scalp, and easily remove dirt and foreign particles. The best feature about these combs, however, is that they are more durable than regular combs.

2. Use Scrunchies Instead Of Rubber Bands

use scrunchies

Our hair is delicate, and just like any other delicate thing, it needs our care. Using abrasive products and being tough with your hair can degrade its quality and texture. So, instead of using rough items like plastic or rubber bands to tie your hair, use scrunchies. Fabric scrunchies can help prevent hair breakage and protect the scalp from any harm.

Using satin scrunchies instead of tight hair is a prettier and better way to tie the hair. They are made of fine material that glides into the hair and prevents knots and kinks, so they can protect your hair from breakage. They also don't cause headaches unlike tight hair ties. Although my favourite thing about these scrunchies are that they look super cute.

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3. Heat Protectant/ Leave On Conditioner

ABefore styling your hair, always use a heat protectant or a leave-in conditioner. It helps in protecting hair from any damage as well as retains moisture after wash. A good spray can also help with detangling knots, adding softness, and enhancing shine.

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4. Regular Heat Oil Treatment

Using hot oil treatment along with a steam cap once a week can do wonders to hair. It helps in maintaining healthy hair and boosts growth.

5. Avoid Use Of Heating Tools

Avoid using heating tools on your hair, such as a hair dryer. Instead, go for air drying as a healthier option. The use of heating tools on a regular basis can slowly cause harm to your hair. In the long run, they make your hair dry and rough. 

To get wonderful styled hair, you can go the natural way. Try curling or straightening your hair using natural hacks.

6. Regular Oiling

regular oil

Regular oiling can make the hair gorgeous. All it takes is to pour some oil in the palms of your hand or directly onto your scalp and massage your head gently for 10 to 15 minutes. Oiling your hair on a regular basis can help it maintain its sheen and moisture.

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