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What All To Keep In Mind While Applying Coloured Eyeliner

Here are some things to keep in mind while going for the colourful eyeliner look!
Published -21 Apr 2021, 13:00 ISTUpdated -14 Dec 2021, 15:56 IST
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Eyeliner comes as one of the most important and vital aspects of makeup. The eyeliners lift the eyes, making them look bigger and more defined along with giving the entire face a more attractive appeal. 

It is one of the most amazing makeup tools that are available in gel form, liquid form and has evolved as per the trends over the years. From becoming waterproof, smudge-proof to being available in a wide range of colours other than just black. 

But while black eyeliner was not so tricky and complex, but the coloured eyeliners have a frenzy of things that you need to take care of before going in and applying them. So, if you are a big fan of the vivid colours of eyeliners, then here are some important things that you should know before getting hands-on with your favourite makeup tools.

Go For Liquid Liners

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So, ideally, liquid liners are way too flowy and glide smoothly over your lids, that is why if you are a newbie who doesn’t want to mess up her eyeliner look, then perhaps going for the liquid option will be safe and better for you. 

Other gel liners are also available and you may also go ahead and buy them but for people who don’t have a background in makeup, it will be hard to apply as it doesn’t come along as easy. But if you want to do a smudge-y look then gel liners are definitely your go-to liners.

Keep A Subtle Look

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When you apply coloured eyeliners your eyes automatically pop out, and the entire attention comes to your face eventually. In that case, going for a toned-down look that can actually complement the pop of the eyeliner over your eyes will be a good idea.  If you overdo your makeup with dark colours and apply coloured eyeliner, both your makeup look and the eyeliner, none would look good. 

Be Wise While Choosing The Colour

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Well, coloured eyeliners are now available in not one but many different colours of your choice and you can either make one go-to colour that perfectly matches your skin tone or you may also try refreshing experiments with different colours and try creating iconic looks. For example, a no eyeshadow(uses of eyeshadow palette)- double liner look or a double shade look, etc.

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Create A Double Liner Look

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Sometimes we are so obsessed with black eyeliner and the definition that it gives the eyes that even if we want to try something new and colourful we fail to make it look super impressive. 

So, the best way to add definition and that pop of colour in your look is to first go ahead and apply the regular black eyeliner and then go in with a coat of your favourite coloured eyeliner.  This will make you rock the makeup look like a pro.

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Best Way

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The best and the safest way to win the eyeliner game is to stay very close to your lash line. You can start with a fine line at first and then, according to the need of your look, you can double or triple coat the lids.  However, the more you practice, the better your strokes and looks (hottest eyeliner looks of the season)will become.

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