If you or your friend is getting married soon and you want to gift her a complete vanity then here is the checklist which includes hair care and beauty products including appliances that she will need. This list includes everything a new bride would need post-marriage when she has to stay all dressed up and look fresh the entire day. From morning skincare routine products until she calls it a night, here is everything that you can start collecting.

Detox Mask

detox mask

If you are into DIYs then you can make a mixture and bottle it up or simply buy a detox face mask that will soothe you at the end of the day. All those face products that you put on may take a toll on your skin so before you sleep on every alternate night or weekend, treat your skin to a detox mask for 15-20 minutes and wash off. 

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Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser

Make a small kit of these three items depending upon the skin type and keep it in the bathroom or your dressing table. 


A good primer is necessary if you want your makeup to last all day. Good does not mean expensive and expensive does not mean it is good. You will be surprised how some very pocket-friendly brands have better reviews than the high-end ones. So before you buy one, do go-through some reviews.

BB or CC cream

bb cream

Instead of a full coverage foundation that adds a thick layer to your skin, get a nice bb cream nearest to your skin shade. A BB cream would be perfect for daily wear at home without looking too dolled up. Keep it simple, look sorted.

Blush Palette

Instead of buying different blush cubes try to get a palette with all the shades. Dab and sweep just a little of it to look fresh.

Eyeshadow Palette

eyeshadow bridal nude

Besides buying golden and different pop shades of eyebrow cubes, get a nude shade eyeshadow palette that would go perfectly with any outfit you wear. You cannot do a heavy makeup everyday and look like the characters on TV off late as that is far from reality. Look classy with a subtle sweep for these shades, try these eye makeup looks if you want to look a little different. 


There are many kinds of eyeliners available in the market be it gel-based, waterproof or liquid. See what you need and buy accordingly. I would also recommend a shade or two other than black. These come in handy when you want to give yourself a different look.

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Eyelash Curler

Rather than using fake eyelashes everyday which would require a lot of time in applying and in the removal ritual, get a nice eyelash curler and give your lashes a nice curl. Fix it with a good mascara and complete the eye makeup with a good brow kit. 


This one is ofcourse an obvious one. Even if you hardly use a lipstick, do keep a red, nude and a pink lipstick because you never know! For all day long wear there are many super stay liquid lipsticks but I would not suggest them as they can be very drying. You are home amid COVID-19 so you can re-apply a regular moisturising lipstick once or twice a day or perhaps after meals. If lipstick is not your favorite then even a tinted lip balm or a lipgloss would be fine. That is lighter and keeps your pout hydrated as well.

Body Mist

body mist bridal

Nobody wants to smell bad and feel embarrassed. Besides, this is more about hygiene. You may think you do not smell but we are not Koreans who do not have body odour as they have low levels of apocrine glands. Spritz some body mist on the right spots to make it last longer and reapply if need be. You do not require a perfume as that would be too strong if you are just at home. But do keep one in your bag always.

Hair Straightener & Curler

You may have to go somewhere suddenly or have guests coming over and that sometimes requires you to look well-kempt. So buy a good quality straightener that does not dry your hair out, a hair spray, a hairdryer, and a curler.

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Face Tissues

Now-a-days there is nothing that you cannot find in India especially online. Load up on some mattifying face tissues which soak up all the oil and sweat without spoiling the makeup. They are true saviours whether at a party, at home or at work. 

Makeup Remover

Just washing your face is not enough when you have so many layers of makeup on. Buy an oil or water-based makeup remover which can break down the toughest of waterproof eyeliners. See what suits your skin type and read reviews before investing. 

Q-tips & Cotton Balls

Buy a bundle of these q-tips as they are very helpful just like those face tissues. They will help in damage control when the lipstick goes out of line, the eyeliner smears or you want to clean the eyebrows. 

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