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    Some Remarkable Beauty Benefits Of Red Sandalwood

    Take a look at some amazing skin benefits of red sandalwood and how to add this magical ingredient to your beauty regime.
    Published -24 Jun 2021, 11:07 ISTUpdated -24 Jun 2021, 12:22 IST
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    Rakht Chandan or red sandalwood is a variety of white/Indian sandalwood that we use. This version of sandalwood is red in colour and hence the name. In addition to that, just like the white variety, this too is enriched with marvelleous natural elements that have great effects on the skin and have valuable medicinal properties that are used in herbal treatments too.

    Going by studies and researches, red sandalwood is the perfect healer for your skin and a regular usage of this herb can make your skin totally flawless and healthy. So, if you are wondering how this herb helps you or how you can use it on your skin then read on and find all about it.

    Red Sandalwood For Skin

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    Red sandalwood is known to be one of the most amazing ingredients for your skin. It can help fight blemishes, acne, pigmentation, improve the overall health of your skin and more.

    Provides Nourishment To Skin

    As we said, this natural herb is full of skin healing agents and nourishing oils, and thus its application can help revive your lifeless skin and bring back the lost lustre. Further, red sandalwood can also make your skin radiant and smooth. 

    Helps In Combating Acne Problems

    For those who are troubled with acne or pimples(acne face mapping), red sandalwood can work wonders, just apply the powder in form of a face mask and your pimples will be gone in no time.

    Exfoliates The Skin

    Sometimes using artificial scrubs can harm your skin as they can be very harsh. So, if you wish to ward off the dead skin cells and other dust and dirt particles accumulated on your skin, then using red sandalwood is the way to go. It not only exfoliates well but also gives an even texture to the skin.

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    Controls The Oilyness Of The Skin

    Red sandalwood can absorb the extra oil present in our skin and reduce the secretion of sebum, this, in turn, makes your face less oily.

    Removes Tanning And Pigmentation

    red sandalwood for pigmentation

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    Removing sun tan and pigmentation are also two key roles that red sandalwood can perform for your skin's betterment. The herb works on the skin right from the cellular level and thus it evens out your skin tone and brings out the original charm of your skin.

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    Making Red Sandalwood A Part Of Your Beauty Regime

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    Red sandalwood is mostly used as a powder in the beauty regimen since this form makes the application very easy. Thus, let us learn how to apply red sandalwood powder to your skin the right way:

    Red Sandalwood And Milk Face Cleanser

    This face cleanser is very easy to make, just mix equal quantities of red sandalwood powder and raw milk and apply it to your face. Massage the paste on your face and wash it off with cold water.

    Red Sandalwood Cooling Face Mist

    Mix red sandalwood powder, 2 tablespoons of cucumber, and 2 tablespoons of rose water to make a face mist. Store in refrigerator, in a spray bottle use daily for fresh feeling skin. Refill the bottle with fresh mist every week.

    Red Sandalwood Face Mask

    Addressing most of your skin issues, this face mask will come in handy for you. Mix together 1 tablespoon of red sandalwood, 1/2 tablespoon turmeric, 1 tablespoon curd, and rose water(best rose water toners) and form a thick paste. Wash your face and apply the paste covering all areas of your face leaving the eyes and lips, let it sit on your skin for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water.  Add this magical herb to your beauty regime and see the magic it works for you.

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