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7 Issues Women Should Discuss With Their Gynaecologist

Issues related to sexual or reproductive health? You should discuss them with your gynaecologist
Published -26 Jun 2022, 10:00 ISTUpdated -27 Jun 2022, 11:04 IST
women issues to discuss with gynecologist

Every woman should visit a gynaecologist on a regular basis to make sure their sexual and reproductive health stays in good shape. However, a gynaecologist can help a woman in a lot more ways including informing them more about their body, the right way to deal with issues, etc. 

Take a look at these issues suggested by Professor Dr. Ruchi Srivastava- Gynaecology at Sharda Hospital (Greater Noida), that every woman should discuss with their Gynaecologist:

Question 1- Menstrual Problems

discuss mestrual problems with gynaecologist

If you are experiencing menstrual irregularities like heavy periods, delayed periods, frequent periods, acute pain during periods, you should report this to your gynaecologist and seek consultation on the same. It could be due to an underlying uterine problem.

Question 2- Contraception And Methods Of Choice

Women should know about family planning and contraception is an integral part of this process. If you are not planning a pregnancy anytime soon, consult a gynaecologist for contraception. They can guide you on different methods of contraception and offer suggestions based on the needs of particular women and ailing patients.

Question 3- Vaginal Discharge

discuss vaginal discharge with gynaecologist

Many women overlook vaginal issues such as vaginal discharge, itching, burning sensation, etc. But these issues could be linked to different problems. This is why you must discuss these things with a gynaecologist.

Question 4- Breast Problems

If you notice breast-related problems such as lumps, pain, swelling, you must ask a gynae. They can help you detect the problem.

Question 5- General Problems Like Weakness, Lethargy, Etc.

If you're suddenly feeling tired and weak, a gynaecologist can advise you on what tests to conduct to figure out what's wrong. They can also guide you in prevention of suspected issues.

Question 6- What Kind Of Food To Eat

You can always ask your gynaecologist for the best diet suggestions based on your health situation. This can help prevent and manage lifestyle conditions like Obesity, PCOD, PCOS etc.

Question 7- Hormonal issues

If you notice abnormal hair growth, excessive acne, or other such changes on your body, report about them to your gynaecologist. These could be due to hormonal imbalances that may aggravate serious hormonal problems.

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