For someone who loves travelling, chronic diarrhoea is a metaphorical Lucifer. And it becomes even more unmanageable when you love food. Having a weak digestive system is an issue, especially when you are a non-vegetarian travelling to a country that is a meat paradise. But it is possible to have a healthy trip without letting diarrhoea spoil your holiday. Here is how you can deal with it:

Understand Your Body

Before you travel, know what works for you. Usually, a bottle of chilled lemon or lime juice will give you complete relief in merely an hour. Lemon has anti-inflammatory properties, which also helps with the burning sensations post the bowel movement. You can start your day with a glass of juice. You can pick from watermelon, orange or lime juices that are easily available at any breakfast buffet, which help to keep your stomach cool. Listen to your body and eat only when it says it is ready to digest. Also, prepare your body to eat more. Therefore, when you eat less than what you prepared your body for, it easily digests everything.

What Should You Eat? 

food you should eat

Add more sweets to your breakfast. Since our body digests sweets faster, eat desserts before eating anything else. For lunch, you can drink cold water before eating and have your meal with sweetened curd. If you are too tempted for buffets, have a bite of everything you like. This will make you feel good without upsetting your stomach. 

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Furthermore, expose all your senses to food. When you eat with all your five senses, your body ends up digesting well. This means you must see your food, smell the aroma, listen to it crunching, appreciate its taste and feel it getting digested. The more you focus, the less digestive problems you have. Don't talk much while eating. 

Have A Toilet Schedule

have a toilet schedule

It is almost impossible to plan and predict the events that would go down when more people are involved in the same trip. You never know when you will need to visit the toilet. So, make sure that you visit the toilet quickly after every meal as it is quite normal to discharge after eating. Your body is only making room for digesting new food. Doing this lets you gain control of your own body.

What works best for diarrhoea is incorporating all these small habits in your day-to-day life and living healthy. You should also know that laughing improves digestion. So, the next time you are travelling, laugh your way to a healthy vacation.

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