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  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial

What To Do After An Idol Of God Is Broken?

Have you got a broken idol of a deity at home? Read on how to dispose of and replace it.  
Published -09 Apr 2022, 14:25 ISTUpdated -09 Apr 2022, 14:44 IST
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
  • Published -09 Apr 2022, 14:25 ISTUpdated -09 Apr 2022, 14:44 IST
ganesha murti broken

Most of the followers of Hinduism worship God in the form of an idol. Many of them have a separate puja room in the house where they establish the idol and worship it once or twice a day. 

However, we all have come across a situation where we have accidentally broken an idol, or it breaks due to someone else’s mishandling. Hence, with this article, we will discuss how to dispose of an old broken idol, and how to replace it with a new one.

What Does A Broken Idol Of God Signify?

sheetal quote

Image Courtesy: Sheetal Shaparia/Instagram

We often consult experts before establishing an idol of a deity in our home temple. Our Vastu experts tell up which direction would be best and bring luck, prosperity and good vibes in the house.

However, when an idol breaks, Sheetal Shaparia, Life Coach, Vastu Expert and Astrologer says, “It attracts negative energies.” She suggests not to leave a damaged idol at their house temple because it can affect the overall energy of the house.

She says that people might feel obligated to keep an idol or feel inauspicious to dispose of a damaged one, they must not do it because it could be catastrophic for the house or add to the Vatu dosha. It could also become the reason behind the struggles or quarrels among the members of the house.

What If The Idol Breaks On Its Own?

broken idol of ganesha

Our Vastu expert suggests that if the idol breaks on its own, it means that something bad that was coming your way has been diverted. It could also mean that the damage to the idol has reduced its impact.

It does not matter what may be the reason behind the breaking of an idol of God, a person must refrain from worshipping it. It is better to remove it from the home temple and bring a new one in its place.

How To Remove A Broken Idol From Home?

ganesha broken idol

If you have performed ‘Prana Prastishtha’ on an idol and it broke, you must not immerse it in water. You must hand it over to a nearby temple or place of worship. Pandits in the temple or experts of Shastra (Vastu tips for kitchen) can help you best with a remedy for the broken idol.

If you did not perform ‘Prana Prastishtha’ while establishing the idol, you can immerse it in a nearby lake, river or water body. Make sure that your idol was made of mud and had eco-friendly paint on it. Ask an expert for the rituals to follow while immersing a broken idol in a water body.

If the idol was made of metal or had chemicals added to it, you can keep it under a peepal tree. It is one of the most common methods of disposing of a damaged idol away from home. Many people also prefer to burn the idol. They say it becomes a part of the five elements of earth and consider it auspicious.

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How To Replace A Disfigured Idol With A New One?

If the idol is broken, you have to replace it. That is the only way to invite positive vibes and change the aura of your house. You start with removing a disfigured idol from the house temple and placing a new one in its place.

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You can also perform a small puja and chant some mantras asking for the blessings of the deity. Once you have performed the puja, you can move ahead with disposing of the broken idol without hassle. The new idol of God will protect your house and the members from the evil eyes of the outside world.

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