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Vastu Tips To Place The Tawa In Kitchen

Place your tawa the right way in your kitchen as per these Vastu rules and tips for prosperity and peace in your marriage and household.
Published -16 Jun 2021, 13:25 ISTUpdated -09 Jul 2021, 16:45 IST
vastu tawa main

If you believe in vastu shastra then you are probably aware of the many directions, do's and dont's that are supposed to be applied in our household for a peaceful life. To be specific, here are a few rules or tips which are necessary in your kitchen as well. Placing a simple tawa or pan also has many rules to it which are considered good as per vastu shastra. Scroll down to know them

Hide The Pan 

Many people don't really care or mind displaying their pans and tawas on the kitchen self. They are placed on one side of the shelf after or before usage. They keep or store them the same way as other utensils are. However, as per vastu shastra, the pan should not be kept out in the open. You must always keep the tawa hidden away. Try that other people besides your family members do not see the tawa. 

Sprinkle Salt On The Pan 

tawa vastu

If you must adhere to the Vastu rules, then start sprinkling little bit of salt on the tawa right before making the roti This keeps any possibility of shortage in money away from your house. You must also make sure that the first roti you make is fed to an animal, then make it for yourself and your family in that order. This ensures prosperity and happiness in your home. 

Pouring Water On The Hot Pan

This is a rather common one but for the unversed, you must never pour water on a hot pan. If you do so, it is believed that this can cause huge issues in your marriage. It also hampers your health and the sound of the water touching the pan is a sign of troubles. 

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The Upside Down Tawa


If you notice, many people place the tawa upside down, which as per vastu shastra is completely unadviced. The occurrence of sudden incidents in the house becomes common. 

Are there anymore such tips and rule you are aware of and we haven't mentioned? Do share them with us on our Facebook Page and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on Vastu Shastra. 

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