We all have heard or read about detoxing our bodies. Detoxing our bodies basically means washing away all the toxins from our body and keeping it healthy. However, not only our body needs detoxification but also our surroundings need to be detoxified.

We spend most of our time indoors, especially during the pandemic, therefore there is a need to detox our homes for a healthy living. Read on to know how to detox your home.

Clean Out Your Junk

It is important to clean your untidy wardrobe along with your dirty doormats. Also, clean your hair and makeup brushes. These small things make a lot of difference. Imagine not taking a bath for a few days. Well, this is the same thing when these things lie around unclean for days.

Let The Air In

air detox home

It is important to let some air inside. You should open up those curtained windows in order to let some fresh air inside. You can also put up some green plants along the window. This can make a great difference and will allow you to breathe fresh.

You can also buy some candles and potpourri in order to add some life to your desk. This will add a liveliness to your home and will make you feel refreshed.

Declutter Your Electronics

gadget detox home 

One of the biggest hurdles in your detox journey is technology. While it might seem like your life and it might seem like you can’t do without your phone and other electronic items but it is necessary to yourself some without these gadgets.

A great start to this would be organizing into a corner as opposed to plugging them in every socket in your living room. Give yourself some time off and give your eyes some rest.

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Get Rid Of Old Things

It is believed that old things tend to hold negative energy from the past. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of those things that don’t bring you any joy instead bring the negative vibes to your place.

So, throw away the things that don’t bring you joy anymore in order to bring the ones that do. This is because holding onto sentiments, memories will not get any further.

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Deep Clean Your Home

clean detox home

This is one of the most important things that you need to do in order to detox your house and declutter. You need to look deeply. Get rid of old snacks and spices stacked in your kitchen shelf. Don’t hold onto your old clothes and footwear thinking you will wear it one day, instead donate (benefits of blood donation) these things to charity. Also, throw away your expired makeup. In fact you can get a professional to get your home cleaned. 

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