Planning to extend your family soon? Besides taking all measures as suggested by your doctor, if you believe in Vastu then these easy-to-follow Vastu tips may help in enhancing your fertility.

Get some cute pictures of happy babies and put them up on the walls of your bedroom.

vastu fertility one

  • Sleep in the master bedroom which is in the southwest direction. This direction helps boost romance and fertility as well. 
  • Never sleep under a roof with a beam jutting out.
  • Get your hands on the laughing Buddha babies that you see online and in stores and keep them in your bedroom.
  • Sleep with your head in the south direction.

vastu fertility two

  • Invest in fruit tree seeds and plant one in the southwest direction of your back yard and garden.
  • Avoid any construction or renovation work in the house when you are trying to conceive.
  • Enhance the west corner of your bedroom.

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  • Cleanliness is always advised for a clean environment anyway but even as per Vastu, you must keep the main entrance door clean on a regular basis. Get rid if all that clutter that may be blocking your main entrance door.
  • Clean the area under the bed and make sure there is no clutter there. 
  • Get a pair of elephant pictures that must have their trunks down and put them up in your bedroom. Elephants are greatly associated with pregnancy.

vastu fertility three

  • Enhance your northwest and west area with a metal decoration item.
  • Keep replacing old flowers and place fresh ones in your bedroom as they are great for enhancing and giving out positive energy in your bedroom
  • No matter how pretty they look, do not place indoor plants in your bedroom.
  • Try to get your hands on a symbol or picture of pomegranate and hang it in your bedroom. 

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  • Avoid keeping any water body in your bedroom and yes that includes an aquarium.
  • Hang a crystal in the west direction where you plan to have the children's area.
  • Paint your bedroom a light colour if not there already. 
  • No pictures or paintings of a crying girl, violence, or wild animals in your bedroom. 

rose quartz vastu fertility

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  • Invest in a rose quartz crystal in your bedroom.
  • Make sure you sleep on the left side of your husband.
  • Keep the door of the attached bathroom tightly closed when you are not using it. 
  • This one maybe a bit difficult but it is advised that you remove the mirror from your bedroom.


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