We all are aware that sleep is one of the most important aspects that impacts the quality of life. Good sleeping habits are thus super important. But there a lot of factors that affect the sleeping patterns along with our general wellness. From the food, we eat to what kind of bedsheet we sleep on to the placement of our bed and the direction we sleep in. 

Feng Shui an ancient Chinese technique that focuses on the placement of energy in your life, it determines how the spaces around you can be organised to channelise positive energy. On the other hand, Vastu Shastra is the study of balancing the architectural structures and placing them in order to attract positivity, prosperity, and luck.  Here’s what Vastu Shashtra and Feng Shui say about sleeping well.

More About The Balancing Energies

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Both the above-mentioned practices are based on the directions North, South, East, and West and also give equal heed to the elements of nature including air, water, space, earth, and fire. Therefore if you wish to enhance your sleep quality(reasons why your sleep is disturbed) you will have to understand the concept right from its very roots. 

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Vastu Shashtra Suggests

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Vastu Shashtra studies began in India and therefore a large chunk of Indians follow this science of architecture to build their home spaces.  Vastu Shashtra basically deals with space and to make sure that you are sleeping well through the night here’s what to do:

As we said, the direction we are sleeping(how vitamin deficiency can cause lack of sleep) is very important too, Vastu Shashtra suggests that space or panch bhutas interact directly with wind, sun, and other such important natural elements and therefore the best direction for sleeping is with your head placed in the South direction and feet towards the North.

One should never lie in the north-south direction as it is believed this direction can disturb the body and sleep. The human head is considered to have polar-like attraction and when one sleeps in the north-south direction it repels the like poles. It has been medically studied and found that sleeping in the south direction helps reduce high blood pressure and other such conditions.

Feng Shui Suggests 

Just like what Vastu Shashtra suggests, Feng Shui too, believes that sleeping southward is the best. The warm winds from Chinese lands flow towards you and you are able to enjoy disturbance-free sleep.

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Some Factors To Keep In Mind

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  • According To Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, you must keep in mind the following things
  • Place your bed on the opposite side of the doorway.
  • Keep your bed near the wall and not free in the middle of the bedroom.
  • Do not keep bookshelves and mirrors directly in line with your bed.
  • Make sure your sleeping space is free of clutter and dirt.
  • Do not keep electronics in your bedroom.
  • Use light tones of colours in your bedroom such as white, cream, etc.
  • Close doors and windows inside the room before dozing off.

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