8 Savvy Uses Of Body Wash, Other Than Bathing

From kitchen tips to lingerie, there are several things that you can clean with body wash. Take a look!

Krati Purwar
economic uses of body wash

For what purpose do you use your body wash? Duh! Showering. We know that. But did you know that you could use a body wash for other purposes than bathing? We bet this must be a surprise.

Well! There are many other things that you can do with a body wash. And this article will tell you how you can save money and instead use the body for multiple purposes. Let’s take a look!

Cleaning Sink And Taps

If you can use the body wash in the bathroom, you can use it in the kitchen too. Squeeze some amount of it in a bowl, add water to it and mix everything. Take a sponge, dip it in the soapy mixture and clean the taps.

Similarly, you can use it to keep the sink and taps in the kitchen. Unlike the other detergents, it will not be harsh on the skin and also leave the cook’s room with the fragrance of a flower.

Washing Hands

hand wash

If you can wash your body with it, you can definitely use it for washing your hands. If you have a spare body wash at home, a product you do not like, or you have run out of hand wash, then you could use it to clean your hands.

You can pour some in the empty hand wash container and use it as a hand wash without hassle. Moreover, it will be gentle on the skin and might not leave your hands feeling rough and dry.

Cleaning Bathroom

If all you want to do is swipe the floor or tiles in the bathroom, why not use an old or spare body wash? If you are not using the product and waiting for it to expire, it is the best way to make the best use of it.

After bathing, you can squeeze some out on the floor or tiles and use an everyday scrubber to clean the bathroom. Not only it is efficient in cleaning, but it also adds a pleasant fragrance to the space.

Washing Hair And Utensils

hair wash

This tip is not for everyday use. However, it is perfect for women who are travelling. Usually, people like to travel light, and hardly anyone carries dishwashing soap or detergent with them. In such a case, you can wash utensils with body wash.

For example, you can mix a small amount of body wash in water, just like you mix dishwashing liquid. You can clean the spoons, small mugs, water bottles and other such utensils when with body wash when you are away from home. Similarly, if you forgot to bring your shampoo and conditioner on your trip, you can wash hair with a body wash.

Using As Emergency Spray In Car

We often come across situations in cars when we or someone else spills something. Sometimes you might want to clean grease from your hands or face while on a road trip. Guess what? You can use body wash for this purpose as well.

Take a small spray bottle, squeeze some body wash in it and add water. Cover the cap and shake it well to combine both the ingredients. Keep it in the car with some paper towels and tissues. You can use it for inevitable situations with kids, friends and family.

Washing Lingerie

lingerie washing

We know that body washes are made of chemicals that are less harsh for your skin compared to detergents used for washing clothes. Therefore, it is perfect for washing delicate and essential lingerie items.

It is, in fact, a very useful tip for people who want to travel light. You can use a body wash to wash your undergarments. It will clean them, add a refreshing smell and not cause any wear and tear in the fabric.

Cleaning Hand Washables

Tools around the house like combs, scissors, makeup brushes, sponges, etc. can also be washed using body wash. This must not be surprising for you because we have cleaned so many things with it.

Make a solution of body wash and water in a small bucket or bowl and soak the makeup brushes, sponges and combs. Rinse them under running water or use a scrubber to clean off the remaining dirt and unwanted ingredients on the tools.

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Cleaning Showers

cleaning shower

If you are everything in the bathroom with a body wash, why leave your shower head? You can use the soapy mixture and scrubber to clean the pores of the showerhead and make it shine like a new one.

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Regular cleaning of the shower ensures a clean water supply when you are bathing. And once you have left the shower, it seems like a whole other task to decide on a day or hour for cleaning it separately. With a body wash, you can clean yourself and your showerhead simultaneously. No hassle and no worries.

Most of the above tips come in handy when you are travelling and have forgotten to bring some of the essentials. Share your hack with body wash in the Facebook comment section. Till then, stay tuned with HerZindagi for more such hacks.