A Skincare Regime For Your Ankles!

Your ankles desire the same care as your face. Here’s how you can take care of them! 

Mahima Girotra
ankle skincare tips

Skincare has been a massive obsession and there’s no doubt in saying we all have caved into the process.

While many of us are focused on our faces, there may be a majority that does pay attention to our feet and their care! Here’s a step-by-step procedure to help you take care of your feet with all the nourishment needed!


Cleaning is the first step to ever skincare process. You need to soak your feet wet. You can use salts and soaps to do the same.

A common way to do this is to soak your feet into a tub with some soap and salt. Or, you can just wet your feet and rub your feet using a bar of soap and rinse it off.


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The next step is to exfoliate your feet. Your feet are the portion of your body that is extensively used and develop hard skin cells. With how much irritation they cause, it is essential to remove the same. This is when exfoliation comes into play.

You can use a foot scrubber, filler, scrapper, or a pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells. The rubbing should use a smooth even motion that covers the whole of the sole.

Excess pressure should not be used – the idea is to rub off only the hard rough skin. The joint and bony areas on the sides of the feet should not be ignored – but rub these areas gently.

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Moisturizing is something that should be ideally done, at intervals. Hydration is something your body requires to stay healthy.

Post exfoliation, it should be ‘bible’ to moisturize your feet. Exfoliation can leave the skin on the feet dry and tender. Using a moisturizing cream or lotion will keep the skin soft and supple and over time, reduce the amount of exfoliation that needs to be done.

Using Nail Oil

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While you take care of your feet, you should also pay attention to your nails. Oiling your nails will allow the nail beds to absorb the desired amount of nutrients and flourish the growth.

Use oil on your toe cuticles. Keeping your cuticles hydrated will help them stay strong and will prevent snags, breaks, and hangnails. Coconut oil works well because it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Skip the toenail polish. While your toes are bundled away in socks and boots, give your nails a break. This is helpful to your foot health for three reasons. First, leaving your toenails bare allows them to soak up creams and lotions better. Next, some nail polishes contain formaldehyde, which can turn your nails yellow – the time off will enable discolored nails to grow out. Finally, many nail polish removers can lead to nail dryness.

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Attend To Your Cuticles

Cuticles protect both your nails and the skin surrounding them from infection. After cutting the cuticle, it's easier for bacteria and germs to get inside. This can lead to an infection. It is vital to take care of the length you're cutting your cuticles to a certain limit to restrict the junction of infection.

Fresh Socks

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Socks, stockings, and tights should be changed every day, and, if possible, more often in hot humid conditions where the feet sweat more. Natural fibers such as cotton are the best option because they absorb sweat and allow the feet to breathe better than artificial fibers.

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