These are some most talented music bands of India who are underappreciated but deserves all our love.

In an era where even the most cringe-worthy songs can get viral, it is unfair when brilliant talents do not get as much appreciation as they deserve. So we have compiled a list of our favourite top musical bands with incredible vocal skills who deserve to be heard by everyone. Their music will make you sit up, pay close attention, and vibe along with them.

1. When Chai Met Toast


"When Chai Met Toast" is a Kochi-based multilingual indie-folk alternative band. It is a four-member boy band who create comforting, heartwarming, cheerful and beautiful music that can put a smile on any face. They get their ideas from the lighter side of life, which can make you "infectiously cheerful."

The band's song "Khoj" became their breakout hit in 2018. With their energetic live performances, the band is slowly but steadily rising.

2. Dream Note


Dream Note is a Rajasthan-based indie rock band whose diverse original music concepts, make their music an absolute shot of brilliance. Gaurav Tiwari and Sachin Singh founded the band in 2014, and all their music remains relevant till date. Their hit songs like 'Waqt Ki Baatein,' 'Tere Jaane Ke Baad,' and 'Na Kehna Tum' are their most fantastic songs that make a presence in every person's playlist who hears them once. This band is deserving of all your love and attention and even the International spotlight.

3. Agnee


Agnee is an Indian rock band based in Pune, India. The band's debut album "Agnee" was released on 15 May 2007. Some people don't consider them to be just a band, but an emotion! Their songs are truly heart-touching with exceptional lyrics which gives an overall experience.

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4. The Local Train


The Local Train tops the list of underrated songs. It is a Hindi Rock band from Delhi who delivers songs with Hindi and Urdu lyrics. Their music are too soulful and can instantly make anyone love them. Listen to their songs and get an experience you can never forget. Some of their top songs include, "Aaoge Tum Kabhi," "Dil Mere" and so on.

5. Indian Ocean


The Indian Ocean is a fusion rock band from Delhi, formed in 1990. They are largely regarded in India as pioneers of the fusion rock genre. The band's music incorporates experimental grooves with Indian ragas, as well as smooth bass lines and elaborate guitar solos, to produce a sound that resonates with the world music.

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6. Euphoria

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The state of Euphoria is exactly the feeling you will feel while listening to the songs of Euphoria Band. They have given incredibly comforting and soothing songs that have wowed everyone. It is a Delhi-based Indian pop rock band founded by Dr. Palash Sen in 1988. It's been more than 20 years and the band is still rising and rocking everyone with it's top songs.

Some of their top songs are "Maeri,"Dhoom" and so on.

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