10 Things Every Woman Needs To Have In Her Home

From a coffee machine to a vacuum cleaner, here are some items that every girl should have in her home for a comfortable living.
Kumari Rajnigandha

Adulthood does not include consuming as much sugar as you want or staying up late, contrary to popular belief. Being an adult entails taking responsibility for your actions and making the best decisions for your health and happiness. "Being an adult" means different things to different people, but there are some things that every woman should have in her home.

1 Wine Glasses

You're a grownup now, and red solo cups (or smacking the bag, if you're like me and regret your college days) are no longer acceptable. Invest in a set of four or six wine glasses to keep on hand for guests (depending on how many people you'll have over at once). You'll be motivated to throw dinner parties (how grown-up!?) or unwind with a bottle of wine after a long day as a form of self-care.

10 Assortment Of Candles

When you have guests around, make sure you have at least a few good-quality candles readily available. Adulthood also involves emphasising self care, so take a bath, put on a face mask, and burn the most expensive candle for yourself every now and then.

2 Coffee machine

Sure, avoiding going to Starbucks every day will save you money in the long term, but there's something empowering about brewing your own coffee (artisanal beans, french-pressed, espresso shot, cappuccino, foamy-milk latte, etc.). A good coffee or espresso maker is worth the money since a delicious cup of coffee or a handmade latte can make your morning and set the tone for the rest of your day.

3 Water Bottle

You already know that one of the best things you can do for your health is to drink plenty of water. However, remembering to do so isn't always easy, especially when you're on the go (or, let's be honest, even when you're at home relaxing). The most convenient way to stay hydrated is to have a bottle of water with you at all times. Make sure you have attractive reusable water bottles on hand that are not only convenient to carry but also encourage you to drink more water.

4 Quality Blanket

Sometimes all you need to do is burrow up in a warm blanket and imagine all your worries disappearing. Having a nice blanket in your house is a luxury in itself, and you should invest in one.

5 Artwork

Your home's decor should be more than merely "trendy" or "stylish." They should be items that make you smile every time you see them. Even if interior design isn't your strong suit, make sure you have at least one favourite piece of art, whether it's a painting your sister created or a simple poster. Adding art to your home not only adds character but also makes you joyful every time you look at it.

6 Cook Books

Online recipes are great in a pinch or if you want to try something new, but take the time to browse for actual cookbooks with recipes you like.

7 Bedding Set

Invest in bedding that you'll like getting into at the end of the day and that is so comfy that it will aid your sleep.

8 Blender

Make sure you have a blender you'll use on a daily basis by purchasing one that's compact enough to store on a shelf and simple to clean.

9 Vacuum Cleaner

On those weekdays when you notice cat hair flying everywhere but can't be bothered to sweep it up, a convenient automated vacuum will be really helpful.