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    Important Things That Nobody Tells A Bride

    There are a lot of important things that nobody tells a bride but we are here to help you.
    Published -08 Nov 2021, 10:04 ISTUpdated -08 Nov 2021, 10:20 IST
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    Wedding season is here and if you are a soon-to-be bride, then we are sure that there must be a lot going on in your mind. Lots of people might be giving you several pieces of advice and on top of that, the overthinking never stops.

    However, this overthinking is often just about the day of the wedding as you want the day to be perfect. However, the real struggle begins after the wedding as there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of.

    However, nobody will tell you some important things that are really practical. But we are here to tell you some things that are really helpful and you will thank us later for these life-saving tips. Read on.

    Get A Locker

    locker bride tips

    Being a bride means that there will be a lot of valuables. You will get lots of jewellery from your relatives and your in-laws as well. These things need to be kept safe and can’t be lying around in the house. Therefore, you need to keep them in a safe space and nothing is better than a locker in the bank.

    You should book a locker beforehand as there is a long waitlist and trust me, this is the safest place for your jewellery. And getting a locker means getting your own personal one and not putting all your jewellery in a family member’s locker.

    This way you will always know what is kept where. This is really important as this is your jewellery. Also, if it’s a family member’s locker, then you’ll always need them whenever you want to use your jewellery and coordinating time with others can be difficult sometimes.

    Wedding Coordinator

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    It’s totally okay if you don’t hire a wedding planner as you are the one to be planning out each detail at the end of the day as your wedding day should be according to you. Therefore, it's best to plan it independently.

    However, you need a wedding coordinator. No matter how well organized you and your family are, you shouldn’t skip a wedding coordinator. This is because Indian weddings are a large event and you surely don’t want any of your family members to be looking after everything instead of enjoying your big day with you.

    Your wedding coordinating will take care of every little thing and will ensure that your wedding day goes smoothly and everyone can enjoy it to their fullest.

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    Storing Your Bridal Lehenga

    lehenga box bride tips

    Storing your bridal lehenga is a big concern as you are not going to use it as often and it will just be sitting in a corner which can result in high damage. Therefore, you should ask your lehenga designer to give you a special suitcase or a sturdy box for your bridal lehenga which will keep it safe from moisture and will not let the fabric get ruined.

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    It is still in a corner of your house but this way, you’ll at least know that it’s safe.

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