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Sharmaji Namkeen: Incredible Story Of Agra's 'Kitty Party Aunty' Who Landed A Film With Rishi Kapoor

In the film, Brij Gopal Sharma's character is being played by both Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal in parts.
Published -08 Apr 2022, 13:03 ISTUpdated -08 Apr 2022, 13:43 IST
kitty party aunty sharmaji namkeen

Sharmaji Namkeen is a Hindi drama film that recently got released on Amazon Prime on 31 March, 2022. The film stars late actor Rishi Kapoor whose untimely death left everyone in shock and also left the film incomplete. However, Paresh Rawal stepped in to fill in Rishi Kapoor's part to complete the film.

About The Film


Sharmaji Namkeen is a drama film about a middle-class widower, a healthy and lively man who is given retirement by his company at the age of 58, much to his annoyance. He later discovers his love for cooking.

The film also goes a step further by using the kitty parties as a setting to demystify the idea of a kitty party.

Shiwangi Peswani, who has red and purple streaks in her hair and sits at the lunch table with Juhi Chawla, has an incredible story of how she came to be a part of the film.

Shiwangi Peswani is a Youtuber from Agra who goes by the name "simple kitty party aunty." So, how did a YouTuber from Agra wind up in a Bollywood movie? Continue reading to learn about how she came to be a part of Sharmaji Namkeen.

Who Is Shiwangi Peswani?

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Shiwangi Peswani describes herself as a kitty party freak housewife who turned into a blogger and Youtuber. She got married at the age of 19 when she wasn't even passed out of college. 

After marrying at the age of 19, Shiwangi Peswani, a resident of Agra, had faith in her mind and the courage to do something. After nearly 15 years of marriage, and as the children grew older, she established her identity. Her path has been extraordinary, from blogging and creating a YouTube channel to appearing in a Bollywood film as a kitty party specialist.

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How Bollywood Found Shiwangi Paswani?

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A post shared by Shiwangi Peswani (@shiwangi_peswani)

In her YouTube channel, Shiwangi Paswani demonstrates how to play Kitty party games and much more. Through her YouTube channel, the makers of Sharmaji Namkeen found her. They said, “We want to understand kitty parties better, can you help us?,” said Shiwangi Peswani to Tweak India.

She sent the makers more than 2,000 photos. Then one day, they asked her if she would like to play a small role in this movie? She said yes to that. She was then offered a bigger role. 

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Her Reaction When She Was Offered The Role?

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A post shared by Shiwangi Peswani (@shiwangi_peswani)

Shiwangi says she received an email in the year 2018. There was something in the email about discussing the kitty party with him in the context of shooting a film. Initially, she assumed that someone was joking. However, as she was cooking in the kitchen a month later, she received a call on her phone informing her that they are making a film and they want to chat to her about the kitty party after watching her YouTube channel. She thought it was all a joke, because people keep fighting for a chance in movies, and she didn't know anyone in the industry.

She was then called to Mumbai for further discussions, where she met Rishi Kapoor, Juhi Kapoor, and other celebs. When her contract was signed, it was clear that she would be in the movie. In the film, she is playing the role of a woman in a kitty party, which is very close to her real life.

Her story from 'simple kitty party aunty' to a 'kitty party aunty in a Bollywood film', her story is really icredible. Share your thoughts with us by commenting on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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