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5 Tips For Effective Conflict Resolution With Your Partner

Conflicts in a relationship will only aggravate, if the couple doesn’t find constructive ways to deal with them.
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -12 Jun 2022, 11:00 ISTUpdated -12 Jun 2022, 10:54 IST
relationship problems tips

Disagreements and conflicts are a part and parcel of every relationship. When two people are dating or married, they are bound to notice each other’s flaws and imperfections.  Especially after the initial honeymoon phase is over, the bickering and disagreements become more frequent. Now, instead of  thinking that your relationship is in trouble, you can take it as an opportunity to make your relationship stronger. 

Fights and disagreements do not signal the end of a relationship. It simply means you need to find ways to resolve things in an amicable manner.. In order to resolve conflicts in your  relationship , here are things you must keep in mind. 

Do Not Play The Blame Game

blame game

If you start out by blaming your partner, then they are bound to get defensive. For instance, if you are annoyed by your partner and you say ‘you are absolutely irrational’. Well, instead of solving the problem, it will only do more damage.

You have to respect your partner at all times and that applies even when you’re in the middle of a terrible fight. Moreover, it is important that you share how you feel in a calm way, not making it about the other person, but explaining how and why their behaviour upset you. 

Say Things In A Neutral Manner

It is important that you speak about the problem in a neutral manner instead of just trying to exaggerate or underplay situations. Moreover, your opinions are bound to be tainted by your emotions when you are upset so be wary of that. 

Psychologist and relationship therapist coach Amber Dalsin says “If we can describe things as neutrally as possible without too much emotional language, it's easier for a partner to stay on track, listen and understand. So in case of conflict or sensitive topics, neutrality is quite helpful in a conflict conversation.”

Keep Contempt At Bay


There is nothing that harms a relationship the way contempt does. In fact, Dr. Gottman says contempt is one of the four horsemen that predicts divorce. In his own words, “contempt is sulphuric acid for love.”

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Take Breaks Or Cooling Periods 

cooling breaks

Consider taking a break from your fight if you notice yourself falling into negative patterns. Even a little pause for a few deep breaths can help  calm a tense situation.

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Listen To Their Perspective 

You cannot come to a fair solution to a  problem if you actually haven't heard your partner’s side of the story. The first step towards solving your relationship problems is by understanding your partner’s perspective. 

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