The last eclipse of the year 2021 is falling on the 4th of December. This is a solar eclipse and it will have a good impact on human life. Although this eclipse will affect the lives of people of every zodiac sign, this eclipse will also have special effects on the lives of newlyweds, working people, and pregnant women. 

Having a conversation with a Bhopal resident, Astrologer, and Pandit, Vinod Soni, he said, 'This eclipse falling on the day of Shani Amavasya is not considered very good and especially for some people, its effect will also be profound.'

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Already knowing about the effects of this solar eclipse according to the zodiac signs, Pandit Ji explained how this solar eclipse will affect jobs, marriage, and pregnancy. Also, what things should be taken care of during the eclipse. What are the remedies for eclipse defects, Pandit Ji has it all in the cards for us?

Pregnant Women

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  • Scientifically speaking, the rays of the Sun during an eclipse are considered injurious to health. In such a situation, pregnant women should not go out of the house on the day of the solar eclipse. Not only this, but they should also do these measures during the eclipse according to the Pandit Ji. 
  • Pregnant women should not keep any sharp objects like knives, scissors, needles, etc. during a solar eclipse. 
  • The husband of a pregnant woman should also avoid using these things. Doing so can damage the baby's organs. 
  • Pregnant women should not come out of the house during the eclipse because the children born due to the shadow of the eclipse get stains on their bodies. 
  • During the eclipse, food should not be cooked in the kitchen anyway and if the food is cooked at home during this time, then the pregnant woman should not eat that food.

Business Person

  • Business-class also needs to avoid this solar eclipse, so to avoid eclipse defects, you must keep basil leaves at your workplace like shop, office, factory, etc. Not only this, after the eclipse is over, sprinkle Gangajal and then proceed with the work.  
  • In order to avoid money-related problems, traders should remember the Sun God, Suryadev, by keeping a coin in the temple during the eclipse and after the eclipse ends, clean that coin with Gangajal and tie it in a red cloth, and keep it in the vault. 
  • If Saturn is not strong in your horoscope, then you should donate an umbrella on the second day of the eclipse. 
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Job Working Person 

  • People doing jobs may also be stressed by this solar eclipse, they may also feel a lack of money. In such a situation, after the solar eclipse, donate according to the zodiac sign. 
  • If you do not know what to donate according to the amount, then you can donate your old shoes. Pandit Ji explains, 'The place of Rahu-Ketu is in the feet. That's why you should donate shoes, it reduces all the troubles.' 

Newly Married

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  • If you just got married, then you should also avoid the shadow of the eclipsed Sun. This can affect your relationship and can lead to fights without talking. 
  • Not only this, but your relationship may also break. Therefore newly married couples should recite Hanuman Chalisa during the eclipse. 

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