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Why Shahrukh Khan Cheering For Suhana Khan Should Be All Indian Fathers

Suhana Khan is making her debut with the netflix film, 'The Archies'. As the teaser dropped on Saturday, SRK had a wonderful message for his daughter.
Published -16 May 2022, 09:50 ISTUpdated -16 May 2022, 11:59 IST
  • Bhavishya Bir
  • Editorial
  • Published -16 May 2022, 09:50 ISTUpdated -16 May 2022, 11:59 IST
shahrukh khan message for suhana khan main

The teaser of the Netflix film 'The Archies' starring Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor and Agastya Nanda dropped on Saturday. We loved the teaser's retro vibe, and all we can talk about is this teaser. All the young actors making their debut is another part of the excitement. 

Shahrukh Khan's Message For Suhana Khan

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Amid all this excitement, the families of the actors had some special messages for them. The one message that caught our eye was Shahrukh Khan's message for his daughter Suhana Khan. He wrote, “And remember Suhana, you are never going to be perfect. But being yourself is the closest to that. Be kind and giving as an actor. The brickbats and applause is not yours to keep. The part of you that gets left behind on screen will always belong to you. You have come a long way baby. But the road to people’s heart is unending. Stride forth and make as many smile as you can. Now let there be light… camera and action! Signed another actor.”

gauri khan shahrukh khan message for suhana khan

Not only Shahrukh Khan, but her mother, Gauri Khan and brother Aryan Khan also had some special wishes for their baby girl. She wrote, “Congratulations... all the best to all the amazing kids and team of #TheArchies. And who better than @zoieakhtar to guide them through this journey!!” while Aryan Khan wishes the best of luck to his baby sister. 

Why All The Indian Fathers Should Take Inspiration From SRK

father daughter shahrukh khan message for suhana khan

In a society where girls are thought to be a burden on their parents for several reasons, SRK is cheering for his daughter is like a breath of fresh air. We understand that the world has evolved and daughters are valued but we still have a long way to go.

In some backward areas, girls are not even given the basic rights to life such as education. Not only this, they are mentally drained by reminding them again and again that they are not needed and are only a burden on their parents. Along with this, they are given the major responsibility of housework at an age when they should be playing with toys and studying. All this while, their brothers are making a life for themselves and living their childhood freely without any responsibility on their heads.

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Urban areas are evolved and such practices are abolished. However, these practices still remain in the subconscious minds of a being and unknowingly the responsibility of any housework such as grabbing a glass of water is given to the girl of the house instead of the boy, no matter who is the elder and who is younger. 

In this world, when Shahrukh Khan is supporting his daughter, it will be an inspiration for all the Indian fathers. It will teach them that not only sons but daughters can also make you proud. You just need to give them equal opportunities and you will not be disappointed. You need to teach your girls to be independent and teach them that no one has the right to treat you any less than they are. This will start with you, you need to treat them well and teach them that this is how they deserve to be treated. 

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We understand that Shahrukh Khan can probably give his daughter everything in the world because of the abundance of monetary benefits. However, the point is not about giving your daughter the best opportunity in the world. The point is to give your daughter the best you can. Give your daughters equal opportunities as your son.

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