Sawan, one of India's biggest festivals began on 25th July this year. This is the month when we worship Lord Shiva and his devotees wait for this month to arrive all through the year.

Sawan is the time when we celebrate Lord Shiva and pray to him for his blessings. During this one month of Sawan, the devotees observe fast on Monday, the day of Lord Shiva to get his blessings and pay respect to him. 

This fast or the Sawan Somvar Vrat is believed to fulfill all the desires of the devotees. As per Hindu Mythology, there are a lot of rules and regulations that are followed during this month. For instance, salt is not consumed during this time. This makes this fast really difficult for the devotees. 

If you too are a Lord Shiva devotee and wish to fast this month then follow this routine that will help you stay energised all day while you fast. 

Begin Your Day With A Heavy Breakfast

milk for breakfast

After completing your morning prayer rituals, it is time to have your first meal. Begin with a glass of milk. Milk will not only give you the energy to survive the whole day but also keep you full for long. You can have dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates along with your milk. 

Drink Dry Fruit Lassi Before Lunch

dry fruit lassi

Have your second meal before lunch, around 11 or 12. You can have a glass of lassi. You can prepare dry fruit lassi at home. Just take some curd, add dry fruits to it and mix. Have this fresh and thick lassi. 

Fruit Chaat Or Curd For Lunch

fruit chat

For lunch, prepare a plate of fruit chaat. Add all the fruits that you have at home. If not fruits, you can also have a bowl of fresh curd. 

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A Cup Of Tea Or Coffee In Evening

tea coffee

In the evening, you can have a cup of tea or coffee. It will make you feel fresh and active. 

Final Meal

For dinner, prepare roti or poori using Kuttu Ka Atta, you can also prepare a sweeter version of it. Having sugar will give you instant energy and you will feel relaxed. Before you head to sleep, have a glass of milk again.

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You need to keep a check on what drinks and meals are you consuming because during this time your immune system gets weak and your body needs the right amount of nutrients. Make sure you have lots of water so that your digestive system functions well.

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